20 Coffee Table Books That Can Double Up As Ideal Home Décor Pieces

Agree with us or not but one cursory glance through Pinterest is a trap. And if you’ve been meaning to redecorate your space, then you’re probably stuck in a rabbit hole. And honestly, we can’t help you either because SAME. From gorgeous French windows lined with greens to wooden flooring that we *really* want all over, just one scroll can make you go dizzy. And as a consequence, if you can’t bring yourself to start revamping your space then fret not.

Coffee Table Books

Hear us out—start small. No, don’t go ahead and fill up your carts with scented candles or dried lavender sticks. Rather invest in stunning coffee table books. Trust us, it’s mightier than you think. And it comes with multiple ways to help you add personality to the empty nooks and crannies of your abode. Stack three coffee table books of different sizes together and add a candle or coaster on top. Or go all out with a stack of 20 books on your couch-side to create a one-of-a-kind side table. You can do so much with it. It’s only justifiable now to state that coffee table books are the crisp white shirt of home décor.

In lieu of baubles and accents, take your pick from our edit of books for makeshift centre-pieces and great gifting options. From something for fashion enthusiasts and globetrotters to feeding the void of design within interior aficionados, there’s a cover for everyone. Swipe through:

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Photographs: Instagram, Unsplash

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