Correct Your Fast Fashion Habits By Thrifting, Swapping, And Shopping Vintage

It’s 2021, and you can no longer shop without holding yourself and the brands you purchase from accountable. One needs to understand the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’, as we can no longer justify the purchases we make on a whim. The more we buy and contribute towards the quick consumption, the faster we are filling the landfill that is amounting into a toxic mountain in a third world country.

Awareness is the first step towards fixing the fast fashion addiction that has consumed us over the last few decades. Understand your own closet and then navigate accordingly. Instead of throwing away garments after a few wears, give it more shelf life by thrifting those in good condition. The new wave of second-hand shopping has emerged as a practical, yet, sartorially-forward solution for those who like indulging in retail therapy. Shopping from vintage, thrift and swap shops has proven to be a much more sustainable option than buying from billion-dollar fast-fashion labels.

There’s a list of advantages when you shop second-hand. Not every third girl in your vicinity will have the same outfit in different colours. They are cheap and affordable for obvious reasons. Prevents clothes from ending up in a landfill. You build a community with like-minded eco-warriors who love fashion but are also conscious about its impact on the environment. Thrift/vintage purchases refine your style as it is no longer constrained within the boundaries of the current trends. When you buy a second-hand attire, you also inherit the story and nostalgia that it comes packed with, fashion is more than just a piece of fabric stitched together.

By putting a stop on your fast-fashion expenditure to invest in thrift/vintage/swap shops, you are taking the money out of the accounts of the bigwigs and putting it in the pocket of local sellers. These stores go through a painstaking process of sourcing and taking care of the outfits they sell. The impeccable preservation and exclusivity have become a huge selling point while showcasing it in front of the consumers. In an attempt to provide this growing community of good-doers a platform, we’ve compiled a list of e-shops that trade good-quality second-hand clothing. If you’re planning to splurge anytime soon, give this alternate shopping experience a real chance.

Here’s a list of ELLE-approved thrift and vintage e-commerce shops you can procure the best-upcycled fashion from:


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