#ELLECovidResource: Food Delivery Services Across India

Never has the power of a community coming together and helping each been as strong as it is now. As we get ready to battle the new wave of coronavirus, we’ve put together various crowdsourced lists* to help you with everything from food delivery services to shelters and dealing with your mental health. We have verified these details to the best of our ability and will be updating them regularly. Bookmark these resources, and share them; you never know how they may end up helping someone.

In case you or your loved ones have tested positive for Covid-19 and have been struggling with cooking food at home, here are some food suppliers and at-home caterers across the country (listed city wise) to contact. Swipe through:

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You can also check the ELLE COVID Resource Guide.


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*The information provided has been verified for its authenticity. However, please do your own research before reaching out.

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