#ELLEExclusive: Là Fuori’s Latest Collection Will Take You On An Italian Voyage

Rooted in Los Angeles and founded by Vidur Adlakha, label Là Fuori effortlessly combines the virtues of sustainability, craftsmanship and luxury with a contemporary design ideology. Là Fuori’s fresh new collection perfectly encapsulates the Italian summer mood. Shot across Venice’s scenic backdrop, the line Mirrors in Murano metaphorically embodies the modern women who are beautiful inside out.

Là Fuori

Created with sustainable linen, silk, silk wool and hand-picked cotton, the outfits are further given a feminine spin with an ancient Italian lace craft known as punto in aria (a stitch in the air), an old-school delicate technique brought to life by skilled artisans from the region. Influenced by the Venetian women and their charismatic aura, the ensembles celebrate their grace with this fluid and floral presentation. It also incorporates the traditional Venetian art of glass blowing created in Murano in an abstract way. 

Là Fuori

Using Italy’s magnificent landscape as a canvas for innovation, the collection draws its details like the colour palette and the texture from the cerulean blue water, sorbet hued architecture, and the general burst of culture. For the silhouette styles, think easy-breezy flirty attires like pocketed rompers, jumpsuits, frilled skirts, off-shouldered tops, smock-detailed blouses, embellished denim jackets, printed dresses, lace separates and more.

Là Fuori

Eco-conscious fashion does not equate to boring. Là Fuori has intelligently used sustainable fabrics but modernised the garments with a more millennial dominant design approach. Playing up components like inventive prints, uncommon handcrafts and hand-painted textiles further advocates for its mindful yet creative clothing. 

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