Etsy India is spotlighting local Indian artisans and entrepreneurs through this new initiative

One of the things India takes pride in is the rich culture and heritage — from draping yourself in an authentic Bengali sari to decorating your house with handicrafts from Jaipur. And the backbone of this heritage is India’s local artisans, weavers, painters and craftsperson.

Etsy India just launched a new digital initiative #DesiForPardesi, a platform for such creative makers to embrace Indian craftsmanship and showcase it to a global audience.


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Here are some sellers on Etsy India that you ought to know about. They have been manufacturing products in the country, selling them across the globe and establishing connections with multiple buyers.

Bleucoin by Vinita Dubey

Looking to revamp your house? Here’s your cue. Bangalore-based company Bleucoin is owned by Vinita and her husband who make premium quality decals together. Each creation is bound by its ethnicity, culture and designs, while also being affordable. They have received orders from all over the world, including the US, UK, France and Fiji.

Etsy India

Abhika Jewels

If you’re looking to add some unique jewellery pieces to your closet, then Abhika Jewels has got you covered. The Delhi-based founder is a designer, photographer, copywriter and even manages the graphics for her brand. All in all, she’s a one-woman team and a complete girl boss. Together with her husband, she tries to spice up the way in which jewellery is designed around the world.

Kari by Kriti Jindal

An accident was a turning point for Kriti Jindal, founder of fashion label Kari. After being bed-ridden for a long time, Jindal pushed herself to think differently and decided to pursue her passion to make something handmade. This led to the creation of her label Kari in Hyderabad, with a mission to spread beautiful block printed textiles to every part of the world.

Kriti Jindal of Kari

Resha by Madhavini Yadav

Jaipur-based textile designer, Medhavini’s love for nature transforms into her label Resha. As a wildlife photographer, she draws inspiration from various aspects of the wilderness. Her products are a mix of handmade and natural fibres dyes that are eco-friendly. The simplicity of her creations revaluates the way fashion is consumed today.

Medhavini Yadav of Resha

Comfy Mommy by Ruchi Pugalia

Pugalia’s love for fabric and the realisation of designing comfortable maternal wear led to the start of her Lucknow-based label, Comfy Mommy. Gradually, she started creating matching pieces for new moms and their babies. Pugalia is now a successful seller on Etsy India, with a well-established customer base in the US and Europe.

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