This Online Exhibition Of Black & White Photographs Is Raising Funds For Covid Relief In India

The year 2021 will be remembered for generations in India. Not only for the country navigating a difficult second wave of Covid-19 but for the power of community. And more precisely, the magic created by coming together. With a pressing shortage of medical supplies and equipment, loved ones battling and recovering from the virus and a loss of innumerable lives, help has poured in from all sides.

As people step forward in their personal capacity to do their bit, here’s one recent effort leaving an impact. Helmed by Shalini Passi—an artist, design collector and philanthropist—a fundraising campaign in the form of an online photo exhibition is set to help the situation.

Shalini Passi
Shalini Passi

Titled ‘Forever Delhi’, Shalini, a Delhiite, has amalgamated her love for the city in a series of stunning black and white photographs that she captured in 2020. A part of the proceeds from the sales of the exhibition will be diverted to the Non-Governmental Organisations, Meherban India Foundation and Goonj. Goonj is an organisation with an experience of working in disasters for more than 20 years and has highlighted the fact that relief and rehabilitation go hand in hand. The Goonj team is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience from last year to reach out to the affected communities in a time-bound manner, keeping in mind all the safety precautions and guidelines.

Shalini Passi

Turning mediocre looking locations into provoking, nostalgic pictures, Shalini has managed to encapsulate the true spirit, vibe and feel of Delhi through different angles. From wide-road highways, structured gateways, majestic fountains to the simplicity of disordered ferns and bushes, the artist’s lens offers a fresh take on the city. The absence of humans in the composition of the images lends a series a vibe that’s rather eerie but one that sits perfectly in Shalini’s monochromatic vision.

Shalini Passi

Speaking of her city, art and the pandemic, Shalini shared: “Having spent years in Delhi, I was always up for a walk around the city, capturing its current mood of the time. These images were shot in 2020. During the time when the pandemic was about to hit us in its coming days, of which one could smell the preparation in the air, I decided to take a walk in my city. Spectating the banality of the aftermath-of-apocalypse like situation in Delhi, it was a call to capture such moments. Little did I know then that these moments were to later decide for our upcoming days.”

Swipe through for a glimpse at the photos:

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The photo exhibition will be showcased virtually on

Photographs: Courtesy of Shalini Passi

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