This video will make you appreciate your dad all the more on Father’s Day 2020

Spending quality time with family has taken on a new meaning in recent weeks. And as the new video by Wow Skin Science suggests, you now have the chance to make your dad feel truly special this Father’s Day. Make the most of being home together and line up several activities that can bring you closer, rewind time and strengthen your bond.


If your father missed a PTA meeting or a birthday or two, it’s only because he was too busy making sure your dreams could take flight. Dads are real-life superheroes and this is the perfect time to thank him for everything he has done for you, behind the scenes.

So go ahead and watch a movie together (don’t forget the popcorn), just like you did when you were a kid. Your dad has probably sat through countless cartoons with you, so this year, play that annoying action movie that *he* loves. And while you’re at it, convince him to give his skin some attention. Put on the super hydrating face mask from Wow Skin Science’s Charcoal range and click some fun selfies together. It’s bound to put a big smile on his face, even if he’s usually the stern kind!

After the movie and masking sesh, have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. Take a moment to tell him you are the strong person you are because of the life lessons he passed on to you. Somehow he knew exactly when to chide you and when to comfort you, didn’t he? 

Well, now is the time to let him in on a few lessons you have learnt along the way, on your own. Always too busy in providing and caring for the fam, your father is probably alien to the concept of ‘self-care’. 

But hey, it’s 2020 and we take our skincare seriously. As a Father’s Day gift, put together a hamper of the most nourishing skincare products for men. With all-natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals, Wow Skin Science’s gentle products take care of even the most sensitive skin just the way your dad protects you and pampers you. A mix of Wow Skin Science Men’s Aloe Vera Face Wash, Charcoal Body Wash with Charcoal Face Scrub, Bourbon 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash should do the trick. It’s a thoughtful way to say ‘I care about you’. Your day probably shows his affection through action rather than words. Well, now you can return the love in his style!

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