This year's fall hair trends are perfect for lockdown lewks Advertisement

This year’s fall hair trends are perfect for lockdown lewks

Straight from the runway to our couches

By Nishtha Bhalla  September 24th, 2020

Raise your hand if your hair has been styled in any way except a messy-bun, a messy-ponytail, or down loose, over the past few months. Yeah, that’s what we thought too. Whether it’s a Zoom party, a virtual work meeting, or a quick run to the grocery store — we can barely change out of our sweatpants, let alone do something about our hair. Lazy-girl, effortless lewks are the go-to outfit trends for this season (no, we’re not taking any criticism at the moment, thank you very much) and it seems like the fall hair trends for this year are following the same theme – yes, you heard that right. Lazy-girl hair trends are in this fall.

With different runway shows featuring more minimal yet glam hair looks, it seems like runway-ready hair may finally be within our reach. Swipe on below to see our favourite hair trends for this fall, and take notes on how to recreate them.

Hair trends fall 2020
For the effortless (emphasis on effortless) chic, even a comb through the hair can be an ordeal they just don't want to get through. We give you layers, the best (and easiest) way to look on point without having to put too much effort in. With shorter hair giving the illusion of volume, and longer hair giving the illusion of length, layers are the perfect style for literally any hair type. Want to take it up a notch? Style your hair into cascading, soft curls to up your game, just like Vaani Kapoor.
Hair trends fall 2020
The only thing that makes layers better? It's even more volume, baby! Big hair is back, and it's bolder than ever — just look at Disha Patani's voluminous hairdo, giving her the 'I-just-woke-up-like-this-but-not-really' vibe that us bedheads can only dream of. Pro tip: use dry shampoo on your scalp right after you wash your hair. It innately builds volume, and will help your hair reach its full volume potential. They do say the bigger and messier, the better.
Hair trends fall 2020
Low ponytail
We get it, sometimes the lazy girl in you just needs a quick hair fix. A classic, easy, minimal low ponytail is back, and Anushka Sharma's textured low ponytail is all the inspiration you need. Regardless of the style, texture, and current condition of your hair (read: if you haven't combed them in 3 days),  this is the perfect hairstyle to look put together and oh-so-chic.
Hair trends fall 2020
Deep-side parting
Sometimes, the easiest hair looks are just a hair-flip away, and the deep-side parting trend proves exactly that. All you have to do to achieve this look is:
Step 1: Part your hair to one side.
Step 2: Done.
For a more runway-esque look, take inspo from Dua Lipa's moussed up, textured hair and give it a shot. 

Hair trends fall 2020
Half up, half down
The half-up, half-down look might just be our favourite. It's one that looks as tidy as a ponytail or a bun but balances it out with loose tresses. It's agile, it's graceful, it's easy, and Disney princesses have worn it, so it's basically magical. Up your half-up, half-down hairdo with this neat little trick from Demi Lovato — tiny space-buns never hurt. Or a top-knot.
Fall Hair trends
Headbands and scarves
Goodbye, preppy-looking headbands and headscarves and hello, boho and beautiful hair accessories. This fall, let your inner hipster shine through, and make sure you have a gorgeous headband handy. Bonus points if you take a tip from Sanjana Sanghi's notebook and tie up a scarf with a low, messy ponytail. And let's be real, we're a sucker for anything that can make us look cute (and hide our bad hair days in the process).


Photographs: Instagram