How to style the Pantone fall palette for grocery runs, Zoom parties and more

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed the reign of bright colours, so out-there, you could spot them from a mile away (we’re looking at you, slime green). This year though, our world has become one where the laws of fashion have been replaced by the laws of baking banana bread (pro-tip: use chocolate chips), and our runway-ready looks have been replaced by pyjamas all-day, every day. The pandemic has taken over everything in our lives, including how we dress and the colours we wear. And with autumn just around the corner, our fall palette simply cannot be a fail palette. But when neither dull, boring colours, nor bright, in-your-face shades seem to do the trick, what do we do?

According to the  Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 Fall report by the Pantone Color Institute, AKA the highest authority on all things colour, this season’s core hues are so versatile and so timeless, you can wear these colours for just about any occasion — even if you’re just going grocery shopping. Take notes on how to style the classic Pantone fall palette, and cop the most sought after looks this season.


How would you like to style the Pantone fall palette?

Photographs: Instagram

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