Here’s A List Of Stars That Are Returning To The Sex And The City Revival

Earlier this year, when former Sex And The City cast members shared a teaser of the cult show’s revival titled And Just Like That, we couldn’t help but wonder which ones of our favourite cast members will return and who are the new faces joining the cult show? Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) had already announced her departure. While the news has been a huge disappointment to fans, there’s still hope from the other stars. Here’s what we know about the cast and who is or isn’t returning to the show.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker 

What’s SATC without SJP? The actress will certainly be a part of the reboot as writer and shoe enthusiast Carrie Bradshaw. She has been the most excited about it and has expressed it by sharing updates about the revival on her social media.

Sex And The City

2. Cynthia Nixon 

The actress will be continuing her role as corporate lawyer Miranda Hobbes. In the last film, we see her getting back with her husband Steve post his affair, so we’re hoping the revival will pick up where it left off and show how the couple’s relationship has panned out.

Sex And The City

3. Kristen Davis 

Returning to the show as Charlotte York-Goldenblatt is Kristen Davis. After she decided to be a stay-at-home mom, we’re hoping the reboot will give us some storyline with her two children Lily and Rose, as well as her husband Harry, played by Evan Handler. However, whether Evan will be returning is still unconfirmed.

4. Chris North 

Initially, fans were extremely heartbroken to know that Carrie’s love interest Mr Big played by Chris North—who has been a part of all the six seasons of the show and the two movies—won’t be returning, as reported by Page Six. Following the article, a fan commented on Instagram asking, “Dear Mr [Noth] … why for heaven’s sake are you not playing my beloved Mr Big?? My heart is [broken]…” to which the actor responded, “Everything changes … including announcements in the rags.” He also replied to another comment, saying, “well, if page six says it… it must be true”, with a winking emoji. In the recent turn of events, a senior production source shared with The Daily Mail that Mr Big will definitely return to the cult series’ revival. Just like Mr Big was confused about going back to Carrie, is he going through the same with his return to the show? Only time will tell.

Sex And The City

5. John Corbett 

The actor playing Aidan Shaw (another love interest of Carrie), who appeared throughout three seasons of the series and the second SATC movie, has confirmed his presence.

6. David Eigenberg 

Playing the role of Miranda’s husband, Steve Brady, played by Eigenberg, will reportedly be making a comeback on the show.

7. Willie Garson 

Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch, seems to have confirmed his presence on social media by sharing the news post of the show revival, saying “#AndJustLikeThat” and also commented, “Yup.”

8. Sara Ramirez

Three women of colour are all set to join the star cast as the reboot will reflect today’s on-screen and off-screen inclusive reality. Grey’s Anatomy famed Sara Ramirez is one of them. She will be playing Che Diaz, a nonbinary stand-up comedian who hosts a podcast that regularly features Carrie Bradshaw. With respect to the other two, an update is yet to come. 

And Just Like That will return to the small screen via HBO Max. Raise your hands if you’re as excited as us to watch the reboot!

Photographs: Instagram 

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