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Take Notes From Sarah Jessica Parker On Styling Your Stilettos

Trust us, you’ll be head over heels

By Isha Mayer  March 25th, 2021

“Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.” Who can forget this popular dialogue from Sex And The City? If there’s one thing common between Sarah Jessica Parker and her on-screen SATC character Carrie Bradshaw, it’s their love for stilettos. Whether she’s seen walking the streets of NYC or making a grand appearance on a red carpet, SJP surely makes heads turn with her outfits and, of course, her stunning footwear. 

The Hollywood star loves stilettos so much that she actually started her own brand back in 2014, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, which is still going strong. You’ll find her wearing her own shoes on so many occasions, but if you’re an ardent fan, you’ll know there’s one pair she’s been obsessed with—her sparkly babydoll shoes. And there’s no reason for her (and us) not to be. It comes with a block heel and a buckle, making it a strong case for fashion with comfort. From pairing it with sweatpants to dresses and sporting it at the airport, too, here’s a look at the times SJP has donned these gorgeous shoes. 

Sarah Jessica Parker

We have also seen her experiment with everything from pumps to boots to kitten heels. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, let the stiletto queen show you how to go about styling heels. 

1. Pull Up Your Socks
While it is tricky to ace the trend of wearing socks with heeled-shoes, SJP makes it simpler for us. Opt for solid-coloured socks and neutral-toned stilettos when your outfit has too many colours.

2. All You Need Is A Colour Pop

On the days you want to keep it playful, pair monotone or neutral outfits with contrasting stilettos.

3. Stilettos With Joggers? Yes, Please!

Since the pandemic got us way too comfy in our sweats anyway, getting out in them has become a street-style trend. SJP replaces kicks and flats with stilettos to complete the look.

4. Classic Colour Combos Never Go Wrong

The red, black and white combination is timeless. And when you add stockings, it gets chicer. Here’s proof from the actor.

5. Keep It Simple With Tone-On-Tone

If you choose to wear a tonal outfit, stick to the same colours for your footwear too. Take cues from the star.

6. Mismatch Made In Heaven

SJP is known for going big and bold, and while she did the same with her striking pink taffeta gown, what we can’t seem to get over are those mismatched stilettos. So the next time you want to make a statement, ditch the cliched monotone heels for something different.

7. Colour Picking Does The Trick

Wearing a printed dress? Then choosing the right footwear is easy. Just pick one in any of the colours in your outfit. Case in point: Sarah Jessica Parker’s well-coordinated look.

Photographs: Instagram