The Ultimate Guide To Hot Weather Hair care

You’re probably missing your weekly salon pampering sesh, but that doesn’t mean giving up on hair care altogether. Now, its common knowledge that if your scalp is healthy, your hair will be glossy and shiny, and it turns out that keeping your roots in top form is easier than you think. “Approach hair care with the basics–cleanse, tone and moisturise–the way you do with skin,” says Adhuna Bhabani, celebrity hairstylist, founder and creative director of BBlunt Salons. In our virtual edition of the ELLE Masterclass, she chatted with Mamta Mody, ELLE’s Beauty and Health Director about trans-seasonal hair care as we are going from summer into monsoon. Read on as they discuss flaky scalp and dry hair fixes…

Prioritize scalp health

“Most people don’t realise this, but our scalp is an extension of the facial skin and that most issues can be solved by following basic care,” says Adhuna Bhabani. She suggests thinking of shampoo as a cleanser, conditioner as an equivalent to a toner and leave-in products as moisturiser. If your scalp is flaky, chances are it’s dehydrated and the culprit could be your diet. She says, “Oiling your hair isn’t the be all and end all for great hair, even the simple act of massaging your scalp to promote blood circulation goes a long way.”

Hair spa at home

Make dry shampoo your BFF

If you have fine hair that gets oily at the roots, invest in a dry shampoo. “BBlunt’s Back to Life Dry Shampoo is really easy to use. You shake the bottle, spray it on the roots of your hair and massage it for a few minutes,” suggests Adhuna.

Fighting frizz 101

Adhuna explains, “If you have straight hair, the natural oils of your scalp can easily travel down along the length. It gets slightly more challenging when hair is wavy or curly.” This is why the ends of your hair might be dry, even though you have a greasy scalp. She recommends picking extremely moisturising products like BBlunt’s Intense Moisture range and mixing and matching different combinations of hair products to figure out what works for you. If you have very dry tresses, towel dry your hair after shampooing and apply liberal amounts of conditioner on the mid-lengths. Wrap up your hair in a hot towel for a couple of minutes. The heat will help the product to penetrate deep into the hair. Wash it off and on damp hair, apply a mix of BBlunt’s Climate Control Leave-in Cream with Intense Moisture Hair Serum to zap frizz. 

Hair spa at home

Manage dullness

The shininess of your hair is directly affected by what you eat and how much your hair is exposed to environmental stressors, like pollution and the sunlight. Spritz some BBlunt’s Spotlight Shine Spray for added sheen or apply vitamin E oil on your roots to prevent hair breakage and split ends. Make sure you load up on conditioning treatments and if that doesn’t help, look at other solutions like getting a haircut to get rid of split ends. Additionally, when blow drying hair, keep the nozzle facing downwards so that the heat smoothens your locks.

Understand the lifecycle of hair

She recommends trimming your hair every six to eight weeks for best results. “Sometimes with split ends, nothing will cure it but a pair of scissors.” Adhuna explains that every hair on your head has a seven-year life span. The first phase is growing, the second is resting and the third is falling. It’s very common to lose about 80 to 100 strands a day. To find out if you’re losing more than that, look at your pillow in the morning. If you’ve lost hair while just sleeping, then there’s a good chance you’re dealing with real hair loss. 

Photographer: Sushant Chhabria

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