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5 J.K. Rowling Books Other Than Harry Potter That Should Be On Your Radar

There's a genre for everyone's liking

By Isha Mayer  November 25th, 2020

Ask someone to recommend a J.K. Rowling novel to you and most people will have one answer: Harry Potter. And why won’t they? The magical world of wizards created in Harry Potter follows an interesting and gripping storyline across all seven books. It has been a major hit for the author and more so after the series was adapted for movies. While Rowling has garnered much love from her fans with the popular book, there’s much more that she has written for all age groups. And if you’re a true J.K. Rowling fan, you must add five of these books to your list:

J.K. Rowling
The Ickabog 
If you're searching for a fun read for your child, Rowling's latest book, The Ickabog is a perfect choice. When a mythical monster, Ickabog comes to life and casts a shadow over the happy kingdom of Cornucopia, two children, Bert and Daisy set out on an adventure filled with peril and mystery to find out where the monster lies and hope to bring back happiness to the kingdom. Apart from the fascinating fairytale, what's even more special about the book is that it has been illustrated by 34 children aged 7-12 from India, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.
J.K. Rowling
Very Good Lives
Adapted from her commencement speech at Harvard University in 2008, Rowling's Very Good Lives is a motivational book that focuses on two central themes: the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination with narrations from her own life experiences.
J.K. Rowling
The Casual Vacancy 
Unlike the Harry Potter novels, The Casual Vacancy is written for adult readers. The plot revolves around how the locals of a town named Pagford are forced into a political struggle and fight over the seat of Town Council after their predecessor's sudden death. The story addresses some of the town's biggest social issues like rape, drugs, prostitution and more.
The Cuckoo's Calling
Written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, J.K. Rowling entered the crime fiction world with the Coroman Strike detective series. The Cuckoo's Calling is the first novel in the series. The premise? When a supermodel falls from her balcony and dies, it is assumed she has committed suicide. However, her brother doesn't believe so and calls a private detective, Coroman Strike to solve the case.
The Silkworm 
The second mystery novel from the Coroman Strike series, The Silkworm centres around a famous novelist, Owen Quine who goes missing. After taking up the case, Coroman finds out much more about his disappearance.

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