Janhvi Kapoor’s go-to skincare oil is a serious multitasker

You know you can trust a beauty tip when it comes from Janhvi Kapoor’s glam squad. The actor believes less is more when it comes to skincare and her clear skin is all the proof we need. According to her make-up artist Vardan Nayak, Janhvi likes to keep her skincare regime all-natural and uses almond oil on her face. Rich in vitamin A and E, this lightweight, anti-inflammatory oil boosts cell turnover, reduces sun damage and evens out skin tone. It’s no secret that we love a good multitasking product, so apart from massaging it on your face, here are three unexpected ways to include almond oil in your beauty routine…


Lip mask

To soothe chapped lips, mix equal quantities of coconut, avocado and almond oils and apply it on your lips before bed. You’ll wake up with softer, moisturised lips.

Hot oil manicure

Dipping your nails in a blend of warm oils is a sure shot way to give them a boost of nourishment. Heat up a cup of almond oil with three tablespoons of shea butter and olive oil each. Wait till the mixture is comfortably warm, and then dip your fingers into it. After 15 minutes (or when the oils cool down), rub the excess into your hands, nails and cuticles and then use a warm towel to wrap up your hands. Do this once a week to strengthen your nails.

Overnight foot mask

Heat two tablespoons of shea butter and coconut oil with half a cup of almond oil and mix till all the ingredients are well combined. Turn off the heat and then add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Massage this blend into your feet, pop on a pair of socks and leave it overnight.

Photograph: Kay Sukmar

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