Actor and musician Janina Gavankar gives us a tour of her LA-chic home Advertisement

Actor and musician Janina Gavankar gives us a tour of her LA-chic home

We’re calling it a walk-in art piece

By Anesha George  January 13th, 2020

Janina Gavankar’s newly-renovated home is a walk-in art piece that is also autobiographical.

Janina Gavankar wears many hats. Known for her roles in Blindspotting, True Blood, The L word and Apple TV’s latest The Morning Show, Gavankar isn’t one to have ‘regular days’, she admits. When she isn’t shooting or brainstorming with other South Asian artists, you’ll either find her writing with her creative partner Russo, or snuggling into her couch with a game controller, and a cosy blanket. Which is why her home also doubles up as her workspace, a safe haven for artists to commune.

Janina Gavankar

Having completed the shooting of her latest short film Stucco in her 1940s Los Angeles home, Gavankar has only recently renovated the house with the help of designer Mandy Cheng, to give it a more personal and quirky touch. Her house portrays all the juxtapositions Gavankar is—cool, yet nerdy; runway gorgeous but prefers chilling in her sweats, and immaculately well pulled together while being artistically wild.

Janina Gavankar

“My Cabana is where you’ll often find me, with my creative partner Russo, writing“

“I told artist Livio Ramondelli that I wanted a piece that extended into the television and I am so happy we pulled it off”

“I love colour blocking, so I painted this canvas to create a camouflage“

“I made most of this art, and that may have been the most stressful part— creating things I wouldn’t hate a month later“

“The guest bedroom feels special echoing the colours and textures I Iove“

“This cosy area is outfitted with furniture by Article and serves as the outdoor living room“

If you, like us, can’t get enough of her, catch her on screen next with Ben Affleck, in the movie The Way Back that releases this March.

Photographs: Madeline Tolle