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The cool gadgets Meghan Asha, CEO of FounderMade, can’t live without

From AirPods Pro to Google Home

By Meghan Asha  March 24th, 2020

Meghan Asha, the CEO of the consumer discovery platform FounderMade, on all the cool gadgets she can’t do without. Scroll through:

Oura Ring: These smart rings are the perfect way to track your sleep activity and wellness. I even proposed to my husband with this!
Meghna Asha Tech

Brilli: Wellness lighting innovation! These lights turn on energy, focus and alertness.

Meghna Asha Tech

Livana: Smart makeup bags.

Livana: Love these hydration bottles.

Meghna Asha Tech
AirPods Pro: I use these for calls, audiobooks and music all the time. I love the noise cancelling feature.



Fabulous: The science-based motivational app helps build healthy rituals into your life.

1Password: I use it to keep all of our personal and company passwords secure. 

River: It’s like Google for news! It offers key news stories in the past 24 hours. 

Nike Run Club: It tracks my pace and location on all of my worldwide marathon runs (Patagonia, Paris, Australia, etc). 

Timehop: My sisters and I use this photo memory app to celebrate all our happy moments.