Mother’s Day, lockdown edition: 5 ways to make your mom feel special

Mother’s Day is around the corner and here’s a reality check: You’ll have no fancy cake, no presents nor the large helium-filled balloons to decorate your mom’s room. Side note: That doesn’t mean you spend the day sleeping.

So, buckle up and put your best foot forward to make her feel special. Don’t scratch your head for the ‘what to’ or ‘how to’, because we’ve got your back with these great ideas.

Make breakfast in bed for your mom

Mother's Day

Even if your chef résumé is a 4 on 10, it won’t matter on this day. So, wake up early before her and head to the kitchen to whip up her favorite dish. Wake your mom up with your culinary experiment and simply wish her. Even if that tea lacks the kick of sugar she needs, your effort will be loved.

Give her a manicure and pedicure at home


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We know you’re up-to-date with the trending manicures (we’re looking at you, girls with French pastel-tips). Why not treat your mom to the same? No, she doesn’t have to comply with trends but she’d certainly love some colour on her nails. So, go all out and give her the beauty TLC she deserves.

Take an online cooking class with her for lunch

Mother's Day

Instead of cooking lunch for her, make lunch with her. Here’s what you can do: Book yourself an online cooking class well in advance, prepare two aprons and keep the ingredients ready on the day. Do not forget to set the dining table to enjoy your meal!

Get crafty

We’re all in lockdown and you’re lying if you say you haven’t baked, cooked, danced, painted or taken up TikTok challenges. On that note, spend this time with your mom doing something creative. How does cross-stitching sound? Or perhaps, making your own DIY accessories?

End the day with a handmade card for her 

Letters and handmade cards. There’s something about them. Put your art skills to use and make a ‘Thank You’ card for your mom for everything she has done for you. Our say: Present your card in the tray, while you serve her breakfast in bed.

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