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6 Simple Ways To Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Right in the comfort of your home

By Gargi Agrawal  May 9th, 2021

She somehow manages to find something within a matter of seconds when you’re tired of searching. She knows exactly when to make your favourite food to lighten up your mood. She shows up in your defence against your father in arguments. And when the sun sets, you know she’s got your back for better and for worse. Whether you are privileged enough to be physically present with your mom or dial up a few digits to connect, the calmness that ensues in a conversation with her is unparalleled. And let’s face it—your efforts will never match everything she’s done for you.

While making your rock feel special doesn’t require a date, the current situation may have made you appreciate your loved ones more. And if in this situation you have realised that it’s *really* you and your mom against the world, then it’s time to thank her. No grand bouquets, no fancy gifts—just quality time and efforts that will bring a smile to her face. Count on these six ways to make your mama dearest feel special this Mother’s Day in the safety of your home.

Make Breakfast In Bed For Her

Mother's Day

As cliché as this may sound, they say the way to a person’s heart is through food. So, grab your apron, roll your sleeves and put your cooking skills to test by preparing breakfast in bed for your mom. Don’t forget to incorporate her go-to morning drink and your speciality dish (if any) in the tray. And for that extra element, add a cutesy placard declaring Happy Mother’s Day.

Treat Her To An At-Home Spa

In a time when the need for self-care is at an all-time high, take matters in your hands and treat your favourite human to some extra TLC. Our say: assemble sheet masks, manicure kits, nail paints, hair masks, face steamers and a pot of any warm beverage for an ideal spa day at home. This may seem daunting at first, but trust us, she will love this.

Watch Mother-Daughter Movies Together

Mother's Day

Sometimes, something as simple as watching a movie can really do wonders. Plan a day-in by lining up several movies focusing the spotlight on the unbreakable mother-daughter bond. Make sure to keep ample snacks and drinks ready to upgrade this plan. We recommend Freaky Friday, Little Miss Sunshine, The Parent Trap and of course, Gilmore Girls (if she’s a series person). And if you are not in the same town, look up websites that allow you to video call and watch movies simultaneously.

Teach Her A New Internet Skill

It’s a universal fact. Parents struggle with technology, and it’s upon us to guide them. Take the day to teach her something she has been longing to learn. Whether it’s something as small as knowing how to curate an Instagram post or more elaborate forms like an online course, do it together.

Make A Cute Greeting Card For Her

Mother's Day

In a time when the delivery of essentials is a priority, turn to simpler and more impactful gestures. Here’s what you can do: revisit your artistic side (even if it’s bad) and create a greeting card for her. Pen down a heartfelt note inside the card thanking her for everything and what she means to you. Not only will this help you truly appreciate her worth, but it also makes for an inexpensive, sentimental gift. You can also turn to photo editing software and video-making apps to make her feel extra special.

Indulge In An Activity That She Enjoys

Whether she loves upcycling waste fabrics into something usable or has a knack for craft, identify her favourite leisure activity and do that with her. This will provide you with a good time with her and turn out to be something productive in the end.

Photographs: Instagram, Unsplash