A Single Girl’s Guide To Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home

If you’ve been dreading the question “What are your New Year’s Eve plans?” then you’re not alone. And we get the agony of moving over from the cheer of Christmas to only land in another pressure-filled social situation, New Year’s Eve. The expectation of spending the night with someone special may be at its peak but if you’ve found yourself indulging in solitude, then fret not. Go ahead and decline that house party invitation because we’re bringing you the ultimate NYE plan (with no forced human communication).

Have A Day Of Self-Care

Even though #QuarantineLife gave us multiple occasions to dive into tubs of body butter, the joy of self-care on the last day of the year is unparalleled. Not only will it feed your skin, but it is also psychologically therapeutic. Line up face masks from unknown lands, prepare a foot soak, paint your nails, give your hair and skin extra TLC with leave-in serums and don’t forget the candles. Our say: dedicate two hours to your self-care sesh on 31st morning.

New Year's Eve

Movie Marathons

Whoever said books are the only escape from reality clearly never watched movies or to be precise, FRIENDS. Order yourself two large cheese pizzas and become a sushi roll in your blanket. Hit play on your favourite films or re-watch your favourite series. The key to this activity? Put that phone on airplane mode. Need help? Check out our roster of holiday movies to watch here.

New Year's Eve

Call Your Homie Over

You may not have a devoted S.O, but you surely have your best friend on speed dial. In case she’s on the same mental wavelength as you, call her over and move into the new year with tons of gossip, food and did we mention peace? After all, who wants to dress up and keep six feet of social distance between a bunch of people?!

New Year's Eve

Cook A Meal For Yourself

Lockdown may have brought out your inner chef and if not, put your skills to test to whip up a lovely meal for one. Pair it with wine, put on your fuzzy socks and knowingly enter the rabbit hole of sappy romcoms. Be honest. You love this plan too.

New Year's Eve

Digital Detox

The last day of the year brings hope for better times (multiplied X 1000 given the way 2020 turned out). It’s a day of making resolutions, introspecting and reminiscing. And what better way to press start on these processes than by switching off digitally. Yes, treat yourself to digital detox. Switch off your phone, laptop, and TV to dedicate time to those who matter (including YOU).

Now that we have some plans in place to ring in the new, here’s a personal message for 2020:

Photographs: Instagram, Unsplash

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