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20 skincare resolutions you need to make in 2020

Easy habits for the best skin you'll ever have

By Naaila Khan  January 7th, 2020

A few years ago, a study done by beauty expert Liz Earle declared that women spend 18 whole months of their lives worrying about their skin. That was 2016. Four years later, we’re still worrying about how our skin is fighting off hormonal skirmishes, environmental stress, and those fries we just ordered–it’s a lot. This year, in a bid to give our skin the love and care it deserves, we decided to ask Dr Harshna Bijlani, skin expert and medical head of The Ageless Clinic, and Dr Kiran Sethi, skin and cosmetic specialist at Isya Aesthetics, to give us their gem advice, rounding up 20 skincare resolutions to hit 2020 with.

1- “Take off your make-up, well. Make sure you get it all off by double cleansing with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water- or gel-based one,” says Dr Bijlani.


2- “Don’t try fad diets,” adds Dr Bijlani. “You’re only going to end up with loose and tired-looking skin.” She recommends following a balanced diet under an expert’s supervision.

3- “Get started on a maintenance facial and skincare regime to prevent ageing and pollution damage,” says Dr Sethi.

4- Dr Sethi recommends wearing a mineral-based sun block with SPF 30 or above–whether you’re indoors or outdoors. 

5- And you know the rule of thumb when it comes to sunscreen. “One application is really not enough,” says Dr Bijlani. “Touch it up every 3-4 hours.”


6- “Treat your eyes with respect,” Dr Bijlani says next. Rubbing isn’t the answer, eye drops are. If you want to keep fine lines at bay, that is.

7- It’s about time we realised our effect on the earth. “Use products that are environmentally sustainable with recyclable packaging,” suggests Dr Sethi.

8- Hydrate, hydrate, through the day. Tip: “Add a dash of lemon to your water for a vitamin C boost,” Dr Sethi says.


9- “Introduce minerals and vitamins, like magnesium and vitamin D into your diet,” says Dr Sethi. You can count on supplements to keep a healthy balance.

10- Regular clean-ups and facials really help to keep that glow on. “If you’re below 25, a clean-up works, and if you’re above 25, a facial is good,” suggests Dr Bjlani.  


11- Start using more home devices in your skincare routine. “Try a guasha stone a few times a week, and a home radiofrequency device for mild tightening,” says Dr Sethi.

12- But of course, step one is always good old exfoliation. However, ditch the harsh beads, says Dr Bijlani. Try gommage exfoliators (enzyme-rich gels that slough off dead skin when massaged into the face) or those with lactic acid instead.

13- Reduce your screen time. “HEV (high-energy visible light) or the blue light from your phones and laptops not only ages you, but causes pigmentation,” says Dr Bijlani. She recommends using a specialised indoor sunscreen, like Crystal Tomato’s Beyond Sun Protection cream to keep the blue light out. 


14- But technology isn’t all that bad for your skin. “Try some exciting new treatments, like pigmentation lasers, collagen boosters and age-preventative treatments like medi-facials that keep the skin’s youth intact,” says Dr Bijlani.  

15- She also recommends getting vitamin booster drips to flush out toxins, balance hormones, and boost immunity. Great skin is just a bonus.

16- And of course, you’ve got to exercise. “At least 5 times a week,” Dr Sethi says. Sweat is sweet for skin. 


17- Add daily meditating to that, and you’ll never chase a glow.

18- Also, maybe it’s time to finally cut out sugar from your life? “That includes artificial foods and processed foods,” Dr Sethi adds.


19- Try at-home masks once every 10 days. “Clay is great for oily skin, where as hyaluronic acid and collagen based ones work better for dry and sensitive skin types,” says Dr Bijlani.

20- Final resolution: say goodbye to artificial. “Cut out all products with artificial fragrances, artificial colours and parabens,” says Dr Sethi.


Here’s to a glowing 2020 with 20 easy skincare resolutions!