Zumba India ambassador Sucheta Pal’s top fitness tips

Sucheta Pal gave up a cushy corporate job to follow her passion. From being a techie, she went on to pursue Zumba as a choice of career and became a licenced instructor. After training people in the States, Sucheta returned to India in 2012. Today, she has trained over 3500 people. We reached out to the fitness enthusiast and asked her about how Zumba changed her life, what you should eat before and after a workout, misconceptions about Zumba and more.

ELLE: Most of us are working from home now and often our posture is not right. What do you think we can do to maintain a proper posture?

SUCHETA PAL: A very simple exercise we can do is simply engage our core muscles. Core muscles are the muscles of the torso and are responsible for a strong spine. Deliberately engage all of them (abs, glutes, pelvis) while you are sitting, standing etc. Keep your shoulders rolled back and relaxed.

ELLE: How has Zumba changed your life?

SP: I believe that Zumba is the happiest workout on the planet. I have witnessed many of my clients lose weight but most importantly I have seen all of us transform mentally into happier beings. The music, dance and the beautiful community of Zumba lovers brings a lot of happiness mentally.


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ELLE: What is your personal favourite Zumba style?

SP: Cumbia from Colombia. It has a beautiful beat and the steps are low intensity but highly effective.

ELLE: What are some common misconceptions about Zumba?

SP: Firstly, Zumba is the largest workout brand in the world in terms of the instructor community which is spread across more than 190 countries. Only a licensed instructor can teach this format. Also, there is only one place to find legal classes of Zumba which is zumba.com and virtual classes on zumba.dance.

ELLE: What are some of the things we need to keep in mind while exercising indoors? 

SP: Treat exercising indoors the same way as working out in the gym. Have a non-slippery surface, space to move around, wear appropriate workout shoes and keep yourself hydrated.


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ELLE: What should people eat before and after working out?

SP: If you want to lose weight then avoid carbs before a workout. Good fats like nuts, bananas and chocolate give us the energy to work out. After a workout protein is definitely the first thing one should incorporate.

ELLE: Best tip for everyday fitness?

SP: The secret to fitness is being consistent and the secret to being consistent is:

Choose a workout which is fun or you relate to.

Pick workouts which are simple and not overwhelming.

Mix it up. Don’t stick to only one kind of workout.

Photographs: Courtesy of Sucheta Pal

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