The TENCEL™ x Pause collaboration is as edgy as it is sustainable Advertisement

The TENCEL™ x Pause collection will break your notions of how sustainable clothing can look

Here's your small step towards a more sustainable wardrobe

By Subhanjana Das  November 2nd, 2020

What is the best way to achieve sustainability in production when it comes to fashion? Now, the answer to that is largely debatable, but one of the aspects that is absolutely indisputable is that sustainability should move with time. We now have advanced technologies and sciences for our perusal along with the time-tested knowledge and power in nature. TENCEL™ combines both for a fiber that epitomises a holistic approach to sustainability. From the sustainably managed forests to our wardrobes, the fabrics made of TENCEL™ fiber charts this journey with a highly minimised carbon footprint. With a soft fabric that is as good for the environment as it is for the sartorial creativity of designers, the TENCEL™ x PAUSE collection is exactly what it is called—Ethical and Edgy.

As seen on ELLE’s Fashion Director Malini Banerji, the pieces are easy to style, trans-seasonal and meant to be worn with love for years to come. If that isn’t the essence of sustainability, what is?