Gracing our digital cover for October is Thalima Silva, the fashion face of the year Advertisement

Gracing our digital cover for October is Thalima Silva, the fashion face of the year

The model is also an animal activist and conservationist

By ELLE Team  October 29th, 2020

From being Miss Brazil to strutting down the runways of São Paulo fashion week, Thalima Silva is skyrocketing in the fashion scene at only 20 years old. In spite of being a global model, Silva is very rooted in her traditional, conservative upbringing and is emotionally attached to her parents. “I want to honour my parents with the amazing life they deserve. I am also very blessed to have a big team taking care of them when I am away,” said Thalima adding that her family means everything to her. 

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Staying close to her roots also means being proud of her mixed, Brazilian heritage. There is more to the striking model than meets the eye, since she uses her image to fight for Brazil. And that’s not all, Thalima is a powerful activist for the conservation of the Amazon and the Pantanal. “It is extremely sad to see what is happening with our Amazon rainforest and with the Pantanal fires,” she shared.

“Animals suffering in Pantanal from the big wildfires is an emergency call for the world. What is happening right now is really sad because these animals have lost their homes. I cried a lot because those are my roots, my blood, my passion and my heart. Pantanal is the biggest sanctuary for jaguars and now it is on fire,” the model added further.

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Thalima has a strong connection with wildlife, and jaguars in particular, since her childhood. Using her visibility to call attention to what she says is the heart of the Earth, the model has teamed up with Nex No Extinction as its official ambassador. One of the biggest organisations, it is responsible for rescuing jaguars and wild felines affected by the wildfires in Pantanal.

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“Last week it was very emotional to watch my beloved jaguar called Ousado fully healed being placed free in nature again, although sadly no longer in Pantanal because it is all on fire! There is a lot of work to do because now Pantanal can no longer be their home. Nex No Extinction is doing an incredible job and I am so honoured to be their official international ambassador,” explains Thalima Silva, emphasising on the urgency of action for the situation. “I am not afraid of animals, I am afraid of humans,” the model added.