The Eau Bar offers luxe cocktails, a breathtaking view and delicious food Advertisement

The Eau Bar offers luxe cocktails, a breathtaking view and delicious food

It doesn't get better than this

By Ankita Maneck  March 20th, 2020

In the middle of the newly opened Eau Bar at The Oberoi in Marine Drive, Mumbai, golden foliage of an intricate metal tree at the center will catch your eye, which sets the overall tone for the bar: ultra-luxe and modern.

The bar gives you a view of the Queen’s Necklace at Marine Drive, and we recommend visiting it at sunset. Its focus on luxury gives its patrons an option of a private lounge, along with a common seating area in the terrace lounge.

The curated cocktail list titled Cocktails through the Eras, which has been handcrafted by one of UK’s top mixologist, Andrew Pearson, traces the history of cocktails from the 1800s to the present times.

The Eau Bar

Hibiscus Nectar Cocktail

You can sample the ‘A Flavour Journey’, an innovative cocktail list comprising colourful, bold and fun infusions, which is an ode to the cosmopolitan spirit of Mumbai. There’s a cocktail named the ‘Floral’, which has camomile flowers in it, another one, ‘Radix,’ is infused with root extracts from ginger, gentian, bergamot, and hops.

The Eau Bar
Grapes of Warth Cocktail

But what are luxe cocktails without the right food? Chef Satbir Bakshi has put together a food menu that will please the most discerncing patrons. Take your pick from dishes such as burrata and mushroom brioche and pan-seared scallops.

The Eau Bar

Prawns Aglio Olio Pepperoncino

The Eau Bar
Black Rise Maki

We love the fact that there’s something for everyone: maki rolls, aglio olio, and pav bhaji sliders.

Simply put, bookmark Eau Bar at the Oberoi for your next date night.