Back To Work Beauty Ritual Tweaks

Beauty Ritual

As the relaxed state of affairs finally come to an end, it’s time to get back to work and say hello to all that bustle. We’ve gotten used to the #WFH life for too long now, and so has our skin. Our beauty rituals have seen a 180-degree transformation with many exits and entries. However, as we befriend the outdoors again, our beauty habits ought to assimilate it.

Not sure about what exactly needs to be done? Let this list of tips and tricks guide you through the process.

1. Add Vitamin C


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Trust this super brightening ingredient to tackle all the skin woes you’re exposed to in the city. It’s a perfect multi-tasker that takes care of dullness, pigmentation, brown spots and pores plus protects the skin against damage caused by the sun. This is the time to add this ingredient to your skincare routine if you haven’t already.

2. Up your SPF game

Avoid unhappy and fatigued skin by taking SPF seriously. Mild protection that could perhaps be enough for the indoors will surely not suffice as you move out in the scorching heat. It is essential to wear a high-protection SPF that saves your skin from havoc. Lastly, reapply your SPF at regular intervals and no, we don’t mean wear sunscreen over makeup; you can simply dust some SPF-infused powder.

3. Switch to waterproof formulae

From foundations and BB creams to mascaras and lippies (if you are wearing them), opt for waterproof ones that won’t budge in the sun and under the mask. We all love that dewy and glossy look but for now, we might have to ditch that while stepping out with our mask on! Hello, matte and smudge-proof makeup!

4. Go that extra mile

With all the focus transposed to our eyes, it goes without saying that they are the showstopper of our look every day. Hence, we must take that extra effort of making sure every aspect of the upper half of our face looks sublime. Speaking of which, well-defined brows are something we just can’t miss. Use a waterproof product like this to keep your brows brushed in place all day long.

5. Hints of tints


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Cast aside heavy blushes and lipsticks for a while (who’s seeing them anyway) and opt for soft tints that don’t transfer on the mask and yet endow you with a confidence rush that we all need. A watery and pigmented tint will also keep that crusty and dry feeling off your lips.

6. Double Cleansing


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Washing your face with just a cleanser worked as long as you spent the day at home but not anymore. It’s high time we make space for double cleansing in our beauty regime to achieve genuinely deep-cleansed skin. Oil cleanses out oil and water removes water-soluble grime.

7. Use a skin-repairing serum


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End your day on a redressing note by including treatment/serum that works upon your skin’s concerns while you snooze. Pick a blend of actives that befits your skin and keeps it healthy.

8. Keep a dry shampoo handy

Do we even need to elaborate on the need for a dry shampoo now that we’re getting back to work? Honestly, it’s a saviour for all the lazy girls and well, the not-so-lazy ones too. A few sprays of dry shampoo gives your locks that freshly washed look with volume and bounce minus sweat and oil.


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