ELLE Man: In Conversation With Thai Gen Z Star Barcode About All Things Drama And Music

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Life is always filled with music and art for Tinnasit Isarapongporn – Barcode to his fans. At 19, the T-pop sensation is creating waves in his country and beyond. Barcode made his acting debut last year as Porchay in the popular TV series KinnPorsche, which has a strong fan base among the Indian BL (Boy Love) community. He sat down with ELLE to discuss his journey as an artist.

Porsche & Porchay | 1x11 - Tumbex

ELLE: How much has your life changed after the success of KinnPorsche?

Barcode (B): If I’m being completely honest, my life has changed tremendously since taking on the role of Porchay. It was the first opportunity I got to follow my dream and be-come a full-fledged artist. I definitely didn’t expect such a massive response, but now I take it as an inspiration to be-come better with each step in my career.

ELLE: Tell us something about your musical findings.

B: I’ve been passionate about music since I was a little kid. I also grew up in a family with a deep connection to singing. So, I have found my happiness in music and discovered that it helps me communicate and translate my feelings better. I definitely want to explore this part of myself.

ELLE: Who has been your childhood inspiration for your journey?

B: My biggest inspiration came from my elder sister, Creamy. Creamy has been very talented in acting and singing, which has always made me want to develop and im-prove my skills in these two fields.

ELLE: How was your first stage performance experience with the KinnPorsche cast?

B: I still vividly remember our KinnPorsche World Tour concert at Impact Arena in Thailand. I sang and danced in front of my fans while being super nervous and conscious. I tried to give them the best performance as perfectly as I possibly could. During this World Tour, I visited many countries, making my big-stage debut, which is now an everlasting memory.

ELLE: What should your fans expect from you in the coming months?

B: I have two upcoming projects ready to go on air – one is Wuju Bakery, in which I’ve worked with my KinnPorsche co-star and close friend, Jeff Satur. The other project is DFF (Dead Friend Forever), which is a crucial role reversal in my short-acting career. I really hope that everyone can watch and support both projects that all the crew members have diligently crafted.

ELLE: Any plans of visiting India?

B: India is a country that is full of interesting cultures that are charming and alluring. If I get a chance, I would want to experience the beauty with my own eyes. It would be even better if I could perform something for my Indian fans and thank them for their support, as I am very well aware of the KinnPorsche fandom there.

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