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Mile and Apo
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If there were any sceptics about how well-loved these two gentlemen were in India, they must have been stunned to see the long lines of admirers patiently waiting outside the Gateway of India to catch a glimpse of the duo. Mile and Apo starred in 2022’s biggest Thai BL (Boy Love) show, KinnPorsche The Series. Apo plays the cheerful bartender and bodyguard Porsche, opposite Mile’s mafia clan character Kinn. This popular duo is all set to make its big screen debut with a Thai mythology-inspired movie, Man Suang, whose trailer made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Before Mile and Apo bask in the upcoming success of Man Suang, they shed some light on the film’s plot, characters, and love for India.

ELLE: Did you expect such long queues of fans awaiting you in India?

Mile & Apo (M & A): India was always on our bucket list to visit and explore, all thanks to its rich culture and diversity. And when it comes to the fans, we actually did have an idea of our Indian fanbase because our tags are always filled with their appreciative posts. But such a huge welcome was totally unexpected! The moment we saw fans waiting for us at the airport, we were ecstatic, to say the least.

ELLE: How did you embody your new characters in Man Suang?

Apo: We had several workshops with the director to get into the characters, as we had to go back in time to represent them. I also gave myself a lot of time to master this traditional Thai dance; its glimpse can be seen in the trailer, and it is now one of my favourite takeaways from the shoot.

Mile: I studied the way people used to live back in that time period because there were very rare representations of that time in movies or series for us. I researched the politics of this era, as well as the migration or export and import of culture, as multicultural representation is a big part of my character. I also learned to play some traditional musical instruments which is something new for me.

ELLE: Describe your characters’ roles in the film.

Apo: My character’s name is Khem; he is like an underdog in that era’s social scenario. He has this aspiration to climb the social ladder. Khem is a layperson who’s from a slave community. So to go above and beyond in this social drama, he uses traditional Thai dance. And as we know, Man Suang is a place for entertainment for up-per-class people. This is where anyone can be anything they want without being judged. And this is a mystery for him because this place is where class barriers are broken.

Mile: I play this character called Khun Chat, whom I would describe as a very sorted and defined man with a clear goal and a vivid mission, and he’s really true to him-self and his goal. Since day one, he’s the same person, and this is portrayed through the beauty and aesthetic of the movie. And along the journey, you will see the layers of his thoughts and character develop.

ELLE: What makes Man Suang different from other mystery or suspense films made in Thailand?

Apo: For me, it is the uniqueness of the story, which showcases an extremely different era, as well as the different sexuality of the characters, which will come to life through this set of hardworking actors. It’s not the typical static movie; this one is round and dynamic. There is a much-needed grey area in everyone’s character; nobody’s too good or too bad, which will be seen in a very organic way for the plot development.

Mile: The biggest key is the naturalness of each character, and that brings charm to the story. Man Suang has a cast that plays these diverse characters, and the plot itself deals with numerous issues that have some complexity, be it through the music, the suspense of the story, or the aesthetics.

ELLE: Which was your favourite scene to shoot for the film?

M & A: The shoot was overall a very different experience for both of us. And when it comes to our favourite shot or scene, we will surely say it has to be our emotional scenes because that’s where we feel more connected to our characters. And we expect that’s where the audience will see our characters in a different light as well.

ELLE: Will Man Suang release in India?

M & A: That is something we are surely hoping for. No matter which channels people can watch it on, we would love it to reach a global audience because its story is a mixture of cultures–whether it’s Thai, Chinese or even Indian. One of the biggest reasons for making this movie is to showcase our Thai culture to an international audience.

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