I Made These 4 Beauty Mistakes In 2023 And Here’s What I Learned From Them

beauty mistakes

2023 has been quite the year for beauty. We saw it all, whether it was beauty trends influenced by pop culture ( we’re looking at you Barbie ) or innovative products that used technology to its fullest. As a beauty writer, I’m lucky enough to get a front-row seat at all things beauty. If there’s a new skin tint in the market, I’ve tried it out before it hit the shelves and if there’s a unique beauty trend doing the rounds, I’m probably one of the first few to explore it and give it my rendition. However, despite being well-versed in beauty, I made many mistakes this year—whether we talk about skincare, makeup or even nails. Some beauty mistakes caused me damage that was tough to go back from and some mistakes were just silly ones that could have been avoided.

Overloaded my hair with bonding products


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Bond-building had a moment in 2023 with almost every hair care brand hopping onto  the bandwagon. I began my bond-building journey when my hair colourist advised me to opt for products with this technology, considering I had been bleaching and colouring my hair for the last 6 years. Bond building uses technology that penetrates deeper than the first layer of your hair using protein and amino acids to reverse the damage.

The Mistake

These products are supposed to be used only once or twice a week. I went a little overboard and used them every time I washed my hair. Big no-no.

My hair always felt so soft and healthy after I used a bond-building mask or leave-in conditioner, I just couldn’t resist using it all the time. However, after a few two months, I noticed that my hair was falling flatter than usual and looking even more dull. An overload of protein in my hair caused extreme buildup and made it drier towards the ends too. However, I noticed that when I limited the usage of these bond-building products to just once a week, my hair was in a better shape, with lesser buildup and softer ends.

Tried out SPF cocktailing


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If I could be charged guilty of committing crimes against sunscreen, I’d be charged for at least 8. Everyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I enjoy trying out beauty trends, sometimes even if they seem a little unconventional. SPF cocktailing was one such trend that I incorporated into my routine for a few weeks till I realised it was doing me no good. As the name suggests, this trend involves mixing your SPF with base products such as your skin tint or concealer to help you save on time, minimise white cast or just help add some coverage to your base.

The Mistake

Little did I know mixing anything with your sunscreen is something that should be avoided at all costs. Not only does this beauty mistake pose chances of causing chemical instability due to the different ingredients present but it also leads to the sunscreen losing its efficacy. Sunscreen is supposed to be the last step in your skincare routine since it creates a shield all over your face. Now, I apply my base products over sunscreen and just use a sunscreen stick for reapplication.

Got acrylic extensions too often

I did make nail extensions my whole personality. Getting my nails done was a thoughtfully curated experience for me – I scoured the Internet for some inspiration till I narrowed down a few designs and gave them my spin. I enjoyed being in the seat for two hours while I got my nails done, so much so that I got them done every three weeks. While it was all fun and games to clack my nails at everything, my nail cuticles and nail bed were bearing the brunt of it.

The Mistake

I noticed my natural nails took the worst hit from the acrylic extensions, not only did they come brittle and thin but my nails ended up getting infected because the cuticles were trimmed too much. I learnt my lesson the hard way and shifted to gel extensions instead of acrylic ones since they pose less of a threat. I also decided to give my nails a much-needed breather for a couple of months. I’m happy to report that they’re much healthier and stronger now, just in time for my next manicure.

Skipped on skincare prep before makeup


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You’d think for a beauty writer and a makeup girlie I’d be smart enough to prep my skin with moisturiser and primer before I went all in with the makeup. Unfortunately, I always skipped out on skin prep and began my makeup directly by applying foundation first. At first glance, my base often looked good but on a closer look, you could tell that there were a few dry patches on my skin. At the end of the day, all of my makeup would be gone, it was as if I hadn’t done any makeup at all.

The Mistake

After a few mishaps, I decided to take skincare prep seriously and began using a moisturiser, primer and sometimes a facial oil before I apply makeup. With this, I noticed that my base products glided on easier along with dry patches just disappearing altogether. But what sealed the deal for me was just how long my makeup stayed in place with a moisturiser and a primer in the mix.

Layered the wrong scents

When it comes to fragrances, I’ve been guilty of committing quite a few mistakes. The biggest one would probably be layering perfumes that don’t complement each other. Layering scents is an art, one that took me quite some time to learn. I would spritz on a perfume that had woody notes and layer it with one that had oriental notes, something I shouldn’t have been doing.

The Mistake

Two strong notes often end up being overwhelming for your olfactory senses, a realisation that only dawned on me later. After giving myself and almost everyone around me a headache, I started layering my scents carefully. I began pairing woody scents with fresh, citrusy ones and oriental scents with slightly floral ones. Everyone’s olfactory senses thanked me.

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