7 Beauty Resolutions ELLE India’s Team Vows To Keep In 2023

Beauty Resolutions

It seems surreal that 2022 is already over, and we’re into 2023 already. I think I’m mentally still processing 2019, much like the memes making the rounds. The homecoming of the new year always begins with a barrage of resolutions, ranging from food and fitness goals to strict self-care ones. If I’m being entirely honest, new year’s resolutions have the tendency to cause insurmountable pressure. Sticking to goals and resolutions is challenging- something my unused gym membership can vouch for. The same holds true for beauty resolutions.

As a beauty aficionado, I’ve tried to set resolutions for myself every year. But not once have I ended up following them through! However, I realised that the prime mistake was setting unattainable goals. For instance, changing all of your beauty routines, whether skin, makeup or hair to a completely sustainable beauty routine isn’t all that easy a task. Ask me, I gave up within 2 months! The key is to set simple beauty resolutions that don’t seem tedious to follow. I’ve set a bunch of resolutions for 2023, that I hope I’ll be able to see through.

Naturally, I was curious if the ELLE India team had set any beauty resolutions for the upcoming year. Here’s what they had to say—

Isha Mayer, Sr Digital Writer


In 2023, I really want to travel and explore more. This isn’t because I enjoy travelling or getting a chance to gobble on delicious cuisines. I want to travel more all because every single time I leave Mumbai and its ever-increasing pollution, my skin starts feeling and looking so much better. After all, skincare routines can only do so much!

Sakshi Rawte, Beauty Writer


As a beauty writer, everybody around me expects me to have an intricate skincare routine, always take off my makeup before bed and never skip my night-time routine. On most days, I never skip my skincare or forget to take off my makeup. However, on the days that I do forget, I end up being a little harsh on myself for doing so. In 2023, I want to feel okay about falling asleep with my makeup on sometimes or even forgetting to apply sunscreen.

Sakshi Sharma, Digital Writer


In 2023, I want to give body care just as much attention as I give my skincare and haircare. ( *adds lotion to cart* ). But that’s not my only resolution! I vow to clean my makeup brushes more often because I don’t want to deal with pesky breakouts this year, I have enough problems already! A little bit towards the wellness side of things, I also want to make sure I move my body in some way or another— whether that’s by dancing, walking, doing yoga or even hula hooping!

Namrata Kumar, Marketing Manager


I’m leaving my extensive skincare routine in 2022 and taking a minimalist routine of Vitamin C and sunscreen into 2023. After all, it’s made me glow brighter than my highlighter ever has. Another resolution I have is to stop relying only on my shampoo and conditioner to give me soft hair, deep conditioning is going to be my first priority now!

Mansi Shah, Digital Editor


It’s been a thing for a while but this year, skincare is going to be my main focus. I want to invest in skincare tools also – a red light therapy mask is on my mind but I wouldn’t mind exploring more of these. I also fully intend to schedule more time with dermatologists now that my 40th year is here. One of the other areas of focus is going to be massaging my face and body at home to fight the inevitable ageing. Not that anything is wrong with getting older, I just want people to exclaim ‘ You don’t look 40 at all!’ Yes, I am vain like that.

Ruman Baig, Jr. Digital Editor


My beauty resolution in 2023 has less to do with products/trends and more to do with consistency. This year, I want to build routines that I can follow easily and do it continuously. I want to do things that fit into my lifestyle and make me feel better inside and out, without it feeling like an additional pressure.

Ekta Sinha, Digital Intern


My beauty resolution for 2023 is to just go easy on my skin. In the past, whenever I’d dealt with a pimple— I would end up going overboard with skin care products and overwhelm my skin with all these ingredients and routines. All of this backfired on my skin and left me with a gazillion scars. So this year, I’m truly going to embody the less is more principle and allow my skin to heal patiently, and not stress about it.


- Beauty Writer


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