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An added advantage to being smack dab in the middle of the beauty industry is that we’re always surrounded by the latest happenings and interesting beauty trends. And let me tell you, having access to a long list of experts? It’s like having your own glam squad on speed dial. All of this has allowed us to pick up numerous tricks, tips, and techniques that have made our beauty routines so much simpler and fun. My favourite tip is to use your lipstick as eyeshadow and cream blush especially when you are in a hurry—it saves so much time, money and space. You could even blend it with Vaseline to create a nice subtle cheek tint.

Here’s ELLE India’s beauty team giving you an inside scoop on all that we’ve learnt.

1. Patch test every skin product.

It’s crucial to patch test products to pinpoint any potential irritants for your skin. It’s usually done on the hands, but you could try it behind your ear because the skin is more fragile there and any negative reaction will be visible quickly yet somewhat covertly (It’s also a more accurate representation of how it might react on your face). Make sure to leave the product on for at least half an hour rather than just a few minutes.

2. Avoid clumpy mascara by wiping the wand with a tissue.

The trick to getting rid of clumpy mascara is wiping the wand with a tissue before application. This will help you avoid large lumps and result in even application.

3. Practice using one-product for everything when you are on the go.

You can do this by maximising on the versatility of your beauty products by making them multitask—lipsticks are perfect for this. You could blend it with Vaseline to create a tint that can be applied to your lips, eyelids, cheeks, and brow bone for a subtle and colourful glow. Even your cream blush can work as lip tint and eyeshadow. Be creative with your products.

4. Natural/organic products are not always what you think they are.

When it comes to beauty products today, understanding the terms “natural” and “organic” seems to require a PhD in chemistry or at least an undergrad degree (and we also have neither). When it says it’s “organic”, it doesn’t actually imply that it will be 100% organic (weird, I know) and the term “natural” is even more confusing because not all natural products are beneficial to your skin. Lemon? Please no. Natural oils on acne-prone skin? Run the other way. We know it’s confusing so we’ve included some tips on how to understand the ingredients label.

  • The first and second ingredients on the list make up the majority of the product (90% of the time).
  • There are ingredients you should avoid in any product. Here is our list:

Please do screenshot it so it’s easier to cross-reference it with labels while you’re shopping. These chemicals interfere with the skin’s natural breathable function, clogging pores and causing acne and blackheads and in some cases, it leads to worse things.

5. Do not hop on beauty trends immediately.

Trends tempt us all, whether in fashion or beauty, but it’s important to remember that not every trend is suited for everyone. From low-rise jeans to eyebrow thinning, embracing trends blindly overlooks personal preferences and what flatters your features best. I would look terrifying with thin eyebrows.

6. Double cleansing is for certain skin types, not every.

Double cleansing has gained widespread popularity for good reason. Personally, I’m a huge advocate for it, but only because I have oily and acne-prone skin. It’s particularly beneficial for people with these skin types because two gentle formulas are more effective in combating excess oil than one strong formula, which can risk over-drying the skin. For acne-prone individuals, double cleansing helps remove bacteria that can lead to breakouts. It’s also great for heavy makeup users because it helps break down the makeup properly. Oily or acne-prone skin? Give it a go.

7. Use eye cream as lip balm under matte lipsticks.

A tip straight from our beauty editor, can’t find your lip balm? Use your eye cream instead. This works great with matte lipstick. Eye cream seeps in quicker and doesn’t leave a residue that would mess with the staying power of the lipstick and it will keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

8. Mix translucent powder with mascara to create a tubing mascara.

You could apply one coat of mascara, then some translucent powder, and finally another coat of mascara, or just one coat of translucent powder and mascara. This essentially primes your lashes and adds volume to them. It is also easier to remove because there is a barrier between your eyelashes.

9. Apply a top coat on your nail extensions.

In a land that loves turmeric, it becomes slightly difficult to maintain light colours especially if you have extensions or gel nail paint. Use top coat on your nails and in case it turns yellow, just remove it and reapply! Your cute nail designs will stay exactly as they were.

10. Consider skipping eyeshadow and concealer on hooded eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, you should consider replacing eyeshadow with eyeliners that have built-in smudgers or if you would rather continue with eyeshadow, try using matte eyeshadows as they seem to work best on those with hooded eyes (you could even learn more about the placement of eye shadow to help with this) and do replace concealer with a nice full coverage foundation.

11. Mix your liquid highlighter with your foundation.

For all minimal makeup lovers, we have a 2 step routine to create the perfect glow. Mix your foundation with your beloved liquid highlighter and you’re all set to go.

- Intern, Elle India

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