#BeautyFlashback: Looking At 90s Makeup Trends That Are Making A Major Comeback

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That’s the thing about beauty, there’s no ‘thing of the past’ here! Makeup trends that we absolutely hated a few years ago might be the raging ones today. ‘90s was a decade when we started experimenting with beauty – it was fun, fearless, and flavourful. Remember those colourful clip-on hair beads or clear lip gloss trend? While that nostalgia hits us hard, the good news is that some of those makeup trends are back, and we aren’t complaining! We deep dive into the decade of the most iconic beauty moments and see what’s making a head-turning comeback that we must try!

Glossy, Over-lined Lips


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If you are from the days when Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez made their debut on the pop list, you know that glossy-lip look is the OG makeup trend. Raise your hand if you too tried copying JLo’s blindingly shiny brown lip look and… failed! Well, it’s a second chance for y’all to redo it with better products and tools in hands. High-shine and perfectly-lined lip trend is back. Plump-looking, lined lips filled with pigmented lip gloss is the flavour of the season.

All Things Glossy

While we are all in for matte makeup, dewy looks hold a special place in the beauty look-book. Don’t part ways with your illuminators and glosses just yet because glossy lips, lids, and base are back. Just dab a tad bit on your lips, eyelids, and high points of the face and done!

Frosted Makeup


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Apart from glossy and shimmery makeup making waves during the 90s, frosted makeup looks caught the ultimate glam vibe. Frosted looks are characterised by a pearlescent shimmer that gives a metallic sheen. Back in the day Paris Hilton and Kate Moss wore frosted lips which work as perfect references for current times. Taking cue from Rihanna and Fenty Beauty’s bronzed palettes that she has come up with, it’s time to give this trend a try.

Glitter Glam


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If you think you’ve moved past glitter, slow down because it’s time to reimagine those glitter looks but with a modern twist. Scroll through social media and you’ll see glitter makeup looks making a smashing way back into our makeup routine. Case in point: we are totally rooting for shimmery, glitter lids and body shimmer this season.

Brown Lips


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One of the most sought-after makeup trends currently, sporting brown lips was big during the ’90s before we stepped into the times of pinks and reds. Remember Jennifer Aniston wearing brick brown lipstick shade on Friends? Well, that’s the look we are talking about. While Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears made it popular back in the day, thanks to Priyanka Chopra and Gigi Hadid for bringing it back on the trend chart.

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