Make A Trip To Your Local Crafts Store Because Bedazzled Hair Is So HOT RN

Bedazzled hair Style

If you wish to change your aesthetic, look to the 2000s. Fashion and beauty trends that were all the rage at the turn of the century haven’t remained buried there. Instead, they are going through a renaissance driven by young creators riding the nostalgia wave. Bedazzled hair, popularised in the 2000s by pop queens singing about love and heartbreak, is the newest addition to viral trends. Glitzy hair that’s a little messy and populated with diamante, gems, rhinestones and studs, is a look we’re seeing on our FYP pages and recent red carpets. With the likes of Alicia Keys and Saweetie adding their stamp of approval on this hair styling trend, we feel it’s only fair to dig a little deeper into why everyone either is or secretly wants to wear bedazzled hair now. 

Bedazzled Hair And The Sub-Culture It Belongs In

Although we can credit TikTok and Instagram for the revival of bedazzled hair trend, the style itself is part of a sub-culture that has historically been poked fun at by snobs on high horses. We’re talking about the 13-year-old arts and crafts enthusiast who never misses an episode of Hannah Montana re-runs. Something that interests young girls is called ‘silly’ or ‘indulgent’. But, just because glitter and hair jewel kits are typically found on young teens’ messy vanities doesn’t make them any less sophisticated. The current revival of bedazzled hair rides on the back of hair blingers. Initially marketed to ages 8-15, these handy tools are now in the checkout carts of celebrity hairstylists and established content creators. Dusting off old kits and incorporating the gem stampers to create contemporary styles shows that your beauty inspiration and adventures can come from anywhere. Just be unapologetic about the things you like; life’s more fun that way!

How To Wear Bedazzled Hair


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You will find plenty of hair blingers on e-comm platforms, but if you do not trust putting your hair through a toy/tool intended for children, there’s a straightforward way to wear hair gems.

1. Grab a leaf of self-adhesive rhinestones from your local beauty or crafts store. Bedazzle on dry hair after you are done styling it. You can wear the gems in a free-flowing manner letting them glimmer through hair waves. However, if you wish for a cleaner look, slick your hair back and adorn just the top of your head. For the most basic, minimal look, concentrate the gems either on the hair ends or near the hairline. A centre part looks stunning with a bedazzled hairline!

2. With a free-flowing application, use lash glue to sandwich small sections of your hair between two rhinestones. This way, the accents will freely move with your hair. For a clean look, use individual accents to stick them on. Once you are satisfied with the bedazzling, finish with a hairspray. Do not use heat tools over the hair bling as it can damage the gems and your hair.

3. The removal of hair gems is quite simple too. Since you are using lash glue, the gems can just be picked off hair strands individually without any damage. Once you are done, use your regular shampoo and conditioner to remove the leftover glue from your tresses.

So, whether you are going for a 2000s Disney ‘IT’ girl vibe or want to keep it classy with pearly accents, hair bedazzling will get you there!

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