Fairy Hair Is The Latest Mane Trend Social Media Is Obsessed With

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Feathers, butterfly clips, or boho headscarves, Y2K trends are influencing the current ones majorly and we are lovin’ it! The most recent one that gets added to the list is a hair extension trend called tinsel hair, also known as fairy hair. The trend that got fairly popular during the late 90s and early aughts, fairy hair is about pinning shimmery coloured tinsel strands to the hair all along its length. Versatile and capable of adding fun to all hair types and colours, hair tinsels are back in trend and we have some pointers for you before you decide to sport it. 

But First, What Are Hair Tinsels? 

Thin colourful strands – also called hair shimmers or hair bling – are made from silk and are applied by tying them around the root of hair strands using a latch hook. “Hair tinsel extensions are different in terms of application as compared to the regular ones. When done professionally, they do not damage your hair and can be washed, blow-dried, and styled without any hassle”, says Nelson Ryamah, head stylist at Brushes And Strokes, a quirky nail bar and salon in Bandra, Mumbai. 

The extensions are either silver or metallic or can be a mix of a bunch of colours. You can also opt for the ones that come in natural hair colours of black and brown; they are upgraded with silk blends to bring out the shimmer that blends into natural hair seamlessly. Starting off as a TikTok trend, the comparative ease and affordable nature of hair tinsel have catapulted it into a legit hair trend to watch out for. 

How Do Hair Tinsel Extensions Work?


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Unlike most viral trends, hair tinsels are not a DIY deal. While you may be able to purchase these tinsel strands online or from a retail outlet and do a decent job at home, it is recommended to get it done by a professional. This ensures that the hair roots don’t get damaged in the process and the extensions stay put for long. Nelson says, “When done professionally and tied correctly, hair tinsels can last up to four to six weeks or till the time the hair that they are attached to sheds naturally.” Talking about the duration of the process, Nelson says that while each section takes about thirty to forty seconds to put in, the total time depends on how concentrated they want the extensions to be. 

The hair tinsels are secured near the roots with micro rings. For the ones placed close to a parting, the rings are attached a couple of inches away from the roots in order to not be visible. The application is painless and easy – so you can drop in for an appointment without any kind of prep involved. 

Pro Tips For Tinsel Hair

Have a detailed discussion with the hairstylist before starting the process and make sure it’s put in on the sections of hair that are the most visible. You have to take into account the cut and styling of your hair as well. Give your hairstylist an idea about how you style your hair on a daily basis for them to pick the perfect placement so that you can show it off in many ways. For added glam, additional shorter strands can be added towards the end for a denser look.

How To Take Care Of Hair Tinsels?

You have to be careful with your hair after putting tinsels in (duh!). Don’t be disheartened if a few fall out in the first week, experts call it completely normal. After the first week, the ones that remain can sometimes even last for six months! However, the way you brush your hair usually needs to be changed – hold onto the extensions from the roots and brush out the hair lightly. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair; here’s a pro tip – start from the bottom. Glitter hair looks stunning in braids, half up and half down ‘dos, cornrows, or just wearing it down.

Heat styling can be tricky with tinsel in hair as they may get damaged even though some are designed to be heat-proof. It’s a task to separate every single strand before using the heat tool on that section of hair so, we suggest avoiding it. As far as hair care products are concerned, one can continue with the usual routine as tinsel hair doesn’t need anything specific to be used. 

For people with fine and medium hair types, the single-knot method is recommended. The technique calls for bringing the tinsel through a loop and tying it into a single slip knot. They also need extra care in order to last. If you indulge in deep conditioning sessions, especially those with curly hair types, make sure to massage roots as gently as possible in order to keep the rings secure.

Nelson informs that the cost of putting tinsels in depends completely on the professional and individual services. But regardless, the service is (quite) affordable and won’t break the bank.

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