Scalp Being Flaky? Here Are Best Anti-Dandruff Treatments To Try

People with dandruff know that it is more than just a minor issue, it’s a pain in the neck – here, we said it. The intense urge to itch repeatedly can get you into a super awkward situation, and God only can help you if you are wearing a dark-coloured outfit. The reason could be that you haven’t switched your hair care routine from the products recommended to you years ago.

Dandruff is common and can be thought of as dead skin cells shedding from the top layer of the scalp. It results from the overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast on the scalp. This issue can be caused due to weather changes, hormonal imbalances, and using products that don’t work for your scalp type. There are many ways to treat dandruff, and it all starts with looking for a product that has the right ingredients and responds to your scalp concerns. So we have put together some of the best products to help you keep the dandruff situation under control.

1. Re’equil – Anti-Recurrence Dandruff Lotion


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Re’equil Pre Wash Anti-Recurrence dandruff lotion is formulated with zinc pyrithione and four essential oils that help reduce tough and greasy dandruff. The lotion base formula is easy to use and soothes the scalp instantly. Brownie points for the fact that it won’t stain your pillows, unlike greasy oils.

2. Dot & Key – AHA Exfoliation Apple Cider Hair & Scalp Scrub

This hair and scalp scrub is created with just the right amount of actives to really get in there and do the job. The glycolic and lactic acid in the product exfoliates and gets rid of flake, while apple cider vinegar in the scrub balances the pH of the scalp to keep it healthy. It can be used for coloured and chemically treated hair as well as coarse or curly hair.

3. L’Oréal Professionnel – Instant Clear Piroctone Olamine Serie Expert Anti Dandruff Shampoo

The shampoo is formulated with piroctone olamine, an antimicrobial compound that treats fungi that cause dandruff. If used twice a week religiously, the shampoo will reduce the appearance of flakes drastically and will ease the discomfort associated with dandruff. Follow up with a hydrating conditioner to restore the hair’s lustre.

4. Sachajuan – Scalp Shampoo


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Dandruff is linked to hair breakage and loss of shine. This shampoo refreshes your scalp and exfoliates it. Salicylic acid reduces dandruff, while ginger extract helps maintain scalp health. The shampoo is best for normal to oily scalp. Massage the shampoo generously on your scalp, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

5. Earth Rhythm Shampoo Bar – Clarifying & Squeaky Clean

Earth Rhythm’s clarifying shampoo bar is infused with charcoal that pulls out impurities from the hair follicle and removes build-up. The hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids which enhances the overall lubrication, and aloe soothes the scalp. Fun fact: charcoal has been in use to treat hair concerns for over 100 years in different shapes and forms.

6. The Earth Collective Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

The combination of fenugreek, grape seed and vitamin E will have you flaunting your luscious locks with confidence. The protein and nicotinic acid in fenugreek are beneficial against hair fall and dandruff, and vitamin E encourages hair growth. Massage the scalp with the oil, and wrap around a hot towel to help it penetrate further into the scalp for enhanced nourishment.


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