Bipasha Banikya In Conversation With ELLE: Get To Know The Digital Creator

When ELLE asked Bipasha Banikya about how she embarked upon the journey of being a content creator, she expressed her fascination with the celluloid industry and digital creations that go long back in time. She sensed an opportunity for her skill sets, capabilities and interests to be showcased in the world of social media. Though Banikya was a little sceptical about being a content creator initially, she is now thankful for exploring the unknown and going through highs and lows.

ELLE: Tell us about some challenges you face as a content creator

Bipasha Banikya: Social media was always seen as an entertainment and fun platform, nobody understood that this is a real-time job. Without having any background in the showbiz industry, I was lost for some time in the maze but it feels surreal to be able to carve a path for myself which led me to some really good work. Being relevant was another key point which I had to ensure so that my hard work gets the returns. Also, I’ve realised that brand image & networking capabilities are very important to stay in the business and work with top-notch brands.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you take micro trends (beauty and fashion) seriously or love to stick to the classics?

Bipasha Banikya: I love to create my own trends. I do enjoy watching the trends but when it comes to creation I like to go my way and do me.

ELLE: Walk us through your wardrobe and tell us about your favourite fashion piece, it can be an attire or an accessory.

Bipasha Banikya: Every day it’s a new Bipasha out of her room so I try to keep my closet very versatile and dynamic, it’s the next thing I wear after confidence so I make sure my closet is full of vibrant colours, monochrome colours and exotic jewellery pieces so that I can pick my outfit as per my mood.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you feel the need to woo GenZ’s audience, as they are the most active ones on social media?

Bipasha Banikya: GenZ is the most interesting & opinionated generation. I try to keep compounding combinations of style so that every generation can resonate with my work, and I’ve been lucky to be able to deliver on their expectations, which has garnered a lot of love and appreciation from GenZ.

ELLE: Social media is blamed for incepting insecurities in women, being a creator do you think social media is misleading in some ways?

Bipasha Banikya: Every coin has two sides. It totally depends on how we use and allow something to impact our lives and senses. Social media is a boon to many if you allow yourself to see the better side and not get lost in the spiral. I believe we should use social media to inspire, influence, get information, and draw motivation and inspiration at the same time. Use it as a combination of fun, learning global platform instead of fading yourself by comparing yourself to the masses and their accomplishments be it life, materials, physique, looks, wealth, success etc. Let’s use this invention and innovation to create and inspire.

- Digital Intern


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