From Old Money To Office Siren, Here’s Your Fashion Aesthetic Based On Your Zodiac Sign


For some, a horoscope showcases signs of their personality. Others love to make it their whole personality itself. Be it Virgo’s perfectionism or Libra’s lust for life, assigning a character to a date of birth is fun, whether you believe in the stars or not. It’s only natural then that your wardrobe aesthetics, an extension of your personality might reflect the way the night sky was the day you were born.

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And in this era of Pinterest trends, finding the perfect aesthetic is quite essential to curating a wardrobe. And sometimes finding your aesthetic can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to match all the trending Pinterest aesthetics to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Hypebeast

When it comes to style, Aries prefer to keep things witty yet polished. Through their choice of clothes, they love to convey who they are. Because of this, Aries would adore the statement pieces of high-fashion streetwear aka hypebeast. You can often picture them sporting a variety of monochrome ensembles that go well with their new kicks.

Taurus: Old Money

Keeping it neat and chic, Taurus folks love things that are simple yet subtly lavish. And the Internet’s newest obsession, ‘Old Money‘ seems like a perfect fit for them. From muted colour palettes to minimal jewellery, this aesthetic offers some of the classiest looks.

Gemini: Dark Academia

Often considered a dual sign, Gemini’s are multifaceted, just like any character from the Dead Poet’s Society. Witty, creative yet charming – dark academia aesthetics are great for them. Imagine flowy shirts and waistcoats for a walk around the library.

Cancer: Cottagecore

A sign that loves to romanticise life. And just like them, this romantic, easygoing, and airy vibe of Cottagecore would give Canceriens a look that they can relate to.

Leo: Regencycore

Leos are imaginative and vivacious individuals who don’t want to be anywhere near mediocrity, be it their nature or fashion. And there’s no more royal aesthetic than Regency Core, which will take you on a trip to the sets of Bridgerton with the pearls and bows.

Virgo: Cowgirl

Virgos are known to be hustlers; a sign repped by a queen like Beyonce who knows the trend drill. And if Beyonce asks that everyone vibes with country tones, her star sign folks will! The boots, the denim, or the frills—Virgo people have a plethora of elements to play with.

Libra: Coquettecore

Straight out of a Lana Del Rey playlist, the Coquettecore aesthetic is all about embracing your girlhood. Venus rules the Libra wave, so it’s obvious that they have high feminine energies in their wardrobe.

Scorpio: Punk

A little mysterious and a bit intellectual. Scorpions are unabashed and strong individuals who love to express themselves, and the punk aesthetic fits the right bill, especially in the punk Vivienne Westwood era.

Sagittarius: Office Siren

Sagittarius people are one of the most independent ones on the list, giving off girl boss energy with a hint of dominance. They would surely nail the office siren trend in sartorial ensembles and a bit of maroon lipstick.

Capricorn: Mob Wife

In case you are not familiar with the term, the Mob Wife aesthetic is more than a look or style mood board; it’s about the vibe of the person carrying it, and no one can carry it more than a Capricorn. A quintessential mob wife has opinions of her own, and she doesn’t like people wasting her energy.

Aquarius: Whimsy Goth

In addition to being creative and composed, Aquarians dislike complications and chaos. A little closer to hippie culture, they can adapt the Whimsigoth aesthetic, which blends Gothic’s dark, mysterious allure with the whimsical charm of fairytales and various forms of folklore. Calling all the astrology girls!

Pisces: Barbiecore

Hey Barbie! The Pisces tribe is artistic and empathetic yet sharp-minded. Their personality traits are closer to those of the Barbiecore movement. Give them all the shades of pink with glitter and bows; they will bring out the best in style.

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