15 Black And White Nail Art Designs To Bookmark For Your Next Manicure Appointment

Black and White

Few colour combinations make a statement the way black and white do. While dipping your nails in some bright hues to combat the doom and gloom of the present times is always a good idea, sometimes all you need is that clean, powerful energy of monochrome. Equal parts bold and sophisticated, not only does it lend itself well to various designs, but it’s sure to go with everything you own! But hold on, classic doesn’t mean boring— the combination of black and white may be failproof but in no way does that mean it’s risk-averse. Combining latest nail art trends with the shades of black and white, here are 15 manicure ideas that you can bookmark for your next salon appointment:

Black And White Manicures

1. Emoji Town

Put your own twist on the mismatched nails trend and take the unsaturated route this season!

2. Night Sky

Astrology enthusiasts, here’s your sign to capture the twinkle of the stars in your nails.

3. Moooood


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Stealing the throne from zebra as the most popular B&W print this season, the cow is udder-ly adorable.

4. Grey Areas

Life is not always black & white, nails included.

5. All Seeing Eye

Make a statement as you put a yin and yang spin on the evil eye motif.

6. Half Moons


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Clean sweeps to keep things minimal yet impactful.

7. Maximalist Energy


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Bright colours are not the only way to infuse some maximalist energy into your nail art, here’s proof.

8. Statement Swirls

Elevate those basic white french tips with swirls of black.

9. Candy Land

Enter the house of fun with some jester costume-inspired swirls.

10. Pop Of Colour

Can’t do without colour? Black & white makes a great base for brighter hues.

11. Wearable Art


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Time to make your nails your canvas.

12. Monochrome Daisies

Have a hard time picking colours for your floral designs? Take the monochrome route so that you don’t have to.

13. Marbled Magic

You can never go wrong with some classic marbled effect.

14. Snakebite


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Snakes on nails are bold enough, but if you’re feeling adventurous, split your design to cover three nails for a unique touch.

15. Racing Checks


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Wear it as an accent nail, make it into an abstract design as above or incorporate it into your french tips, the possibilities of the chequerboard are endless.

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