Male Celebrities Have Upped Their Fashion Game. Guys, Take Notes

Male Celebrities

Us fans are a prejudiced lot. This grievance of mine is with regards to the step fan behavior we extend towards our male celebrities. Disclaimer: The following rant is a first world problem, tread with caution. Yes, so back to male celebrities, my argument is simple. We don’t hype them as much, reserving our hype for the ladies (I mean, they deserve it, but still).

Mind you, we do have crazy fanboys who obsess over them, their characters to be specific & end up mirroring their reel actions. But here, we’re talking about their sartorial choices. Their red carpet serves. Their candid snaps en-route to the rugged lanes of Tuscany.

Our desi boys are dressing up. Due credits to their stylists & the incessant pleadings of their PR teams to brush up their style upkeep. Here’s hoping none of the male celebrities fall prey to chappal-gate again. But then, who am I to say this while wearing my tattered pajamas & t-shirt from the day-before?



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A post shared by Dhanush (@dhanushkraja)

For Netflix’s The Gray Man premiere, South superstar & now, global superstar Dhanush opted for a simple white Veshti which is essentially a dhoti wrapped on a man’s lower half of the body. One would generally expect a well tailored suit by the likes of Tom Ford or Armani or Gucci, but the masses had a field day when images of Dhanush in the aforementioned attire started circulating on social media.

Now we know why Chris Evans called him a sexy Tamil friend in the movie. Kudos to staying true to your roots!

Shahid Kapoor


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Styled by Anisha Jain in a Paul Smith bomber jacket, the lime green patterned hodgepodge seems like something straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, minus the jeans. Oh so 70s. Shahid is always well dressed. I cannot recall a single miss.


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A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor)

Lensed in a Gaurav Gupta creation, he took a step forward into the 80s here, with all that shimmer & glam cast wisely onto the tuxedo. Male celebrities often disappoint when they turn up in nothing but a plain black tuxedo for red carpets. Subtle embellishments like these are a requisite if they wish to escape the wrath of the fashion police.

Vicky Kaushal

This icy blue duo, set against the backdrop of what looks like Croatia, Turkey, Austria or a place I’ve definitely not been to, is a refreshing take. Could’ve done without the white V neck but we’re complying any which ways. The sharp lapel edges & the pocket construction seem extraordinarily crisp which add on to his dapper chic.

Ishaan Khatter


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It’s giving Student of The Year 14 and I don’t necessarily take objection to that. Having collaborated with Louis Vuitton, this oversized varsity jacket adds to his fun loving image. He’s all that – easy going & playful.


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A post shared by Ishaan (@ishaankhatter)

On an outing to France, Ishaan wore a simple tank top and brown cargo pants alongside pair of sneakers. Move on to the next image for the real deets. A chain, a bracelet and a ring, all in steel finish. Effortless casual pairing. This is why we love him. The relatability streak stands firm.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Okay, hear me out. Just a few lines ago, I professed my disdain for male celebrities in plain black suits. And yet, this suit features on the list. Foremost reason being the lack of a boring white shirt & a bow tie. And great boots. The real show-stealers.

For Anek movie promotions, Mr. Khurrana opted for a Cord bomber in a neutral hued abstract print. The styling needn’t always be a performative jangle. Combinations like these tend to work well, given the wearer is at the top of his smirking game.

To see Kriti Sanon’s take on bodycon dressing, tap here.

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