BTS’ Jung Kook’s Style Evolution: The Rise Of The Pop Star

Jung Kook

Jung Kook of the Grammy-nominated group BTS, popularly hailed as the ‘golden maknae’, is currently busy ruling the charts with his debut new single SEVEN. The multi-talented K-pop star is a certified head-turner with his fashion and musical beats. The BTS vocalist knows how to serve major-style inspo wherever he makes an appearance, be it his concerts, press meets or red carpets. There’s no denying that he is fashion houses one of the most favourite K-pop stars.

Jung Kook’s fans, aka the BTS Army, label him as the sold-out king because the hit-maker has a long history of selling different stuff, from kombuchas he drinks to lip balms he uses or the luxury designer brands he wears. Needless to say, Calvin Klein saw the spike in sales after roping in the pop-star as the face of the brand. Case in point: Anything seen used or worn by Jung Kook instantly enjoys a leap in sales. Once, things went so far that the singer himself couldn’t buy more than a pack of his favourite drink after casually showing it on a livestream.

Each member of BTS has a distinct style, be it laid-back earthy toned looks like RM or monochrome outfits by Suga. But Jung Kook’s fashion game has evolved throughout the years, from his Pinterest boyfriend-coded outfits to emo-grunge looks, which are considered Jungkookcore by some. Now that Jung Kook entered a new era of his career, we are listing up some of his most note-worthy fashion choices:

1. Emo Phase

When BTS made their debut in 2013, they had a rebellious idea for how they wanted to defy the K-pop trends of the day. And the youngest member of the group was definitely going through his emo phase.

2. Structural Silhouettes

In the Blood, Sweat, & Tears music video, Jung Kook was dressed up in a ballroom-inspired outfit which was a stunning visual treat for the fans. This particular era was golden time for the group as they also rose to fame with tons of international appearances and award show. Jung Kook’s style stepped up to monochromatic combinations but more structured, gravitating towards dark shades in contrast to other members like V or Jin.

3. Grunge Game

2019 to early 2020 was a busy time for BTS as the group was on their world tour, selling out stadiums like Wembley in London to the Allianz Parque in Sao Paulo. During this time, Jung Kook’s fashion choices saw a new twist of leather ensembles, body-hugging silhouettes to styling outfits with corsets and laced-up chunky boots, which is now considered one of his best looks.

4. Retro-coded

When BTS released Dynamite, which is their first-ever full length English song released during the pandemic, the group perhaps didn’t expect it to be a hit. Dynamite’s whole concept was to take viewers back to the retro era with funk, rock and roll and to do it with style Jung Kook wore flared denims with blazer and denim overalls.

5. Barbiecore

The K-Pop Ken, Jung Kook joined the Barbie trend wagon before it became cool. He has rocked head-to-toe pink looks quite a few time but the most iconic one was the Valentino co-ord set in his music video Left and Right which also features Charlie Puth.

6. K-asual King

When Jung Kook is not donning suits or concert outfits, you can find in easy and classic denim ensembles or plaid over-shirts with his signature boots. Jung kook is often seen promoting Calvin Klein on various occasion as its brand ambassador.

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