Celebrities Ditching Heels On The Red Carpet Is Certainly More Than A Fashion Statement


ICYMI, the earth is healing. Partly because Jennifer Lawrence wore black flip-flops instead of heels under her Dior gown for the Cannes Film Festival. Cate Blanchett also walked barefoot at the Variety and Golden Globes event to show her support for the women of Iran. An aberration of this degree is bound to grab eyeballs and opens up the floor to commentary galore. Women prioritising comfort at events which were previously notorious for having a ‘no flats’ rule? An alien concept indeed.


While I do love my pair of trusted heels, wearing them under an obligation will have me pacing around with knitted brows. You can go ahead and call it a fashion statement, which it surely is for the most part, but the simple act of forgoing the expected can be incredibly empowering. Showing the finger to set-in-stone rules straight out of a medieval manuscript? We’re fawning already.

Cate Blanchett


Tár actress Cate Blanchett sent a powerful message to support Iranian women by going barefoot and proving her mettle as not only a fashion icon but also a celebrity who isn’t shrouded in their prerogative. Fashioning a Giorgio Armani creation, Cate ditched heels, or even flats for that matter, representing a feminist defiance of sorts.

Jennifer Lawrence


The year was 2017. J-Law’s then interaction with Hollywood Reporter still rings in my ears. She was quoted saying, “If you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, then you can’t ask me either.” Period. For the premier of Anatomy of a Fall at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, the Hunger Games alumna’s delicious flip-flop detail underneath the red Dior masterpiece was the icing on the cake. Look forward to more of these.

Kristen Stewart


Infamous for harbouring a disdain for archaic dress codes at red carpets, queer icon Kristen Stewart’s tryst with ditching high heels mid-carpet has a separate fan base altogether. Although removing her heels may have just been a matter of comfort, but this move managed to propel an opportune conversation in the process.

Julia Roberts


For the Cannes premier of Money Monster back in 2016, Roberts was barefoot under her off shoulder Armani Privé gown, dethroning the antiquated practice of requiring actresses to topple in those 6 inch death eaters. Fun fact- she also trailed down the barefoot path for her wedding to ex-husband Lyle Lovett.

Safe to say, you’ll only see me in my go-to flip-flops from now on. Even at black-tie events. Unless someone sends me a Cannes invite, where you’ll still see me dressed in my best flats.

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