3 Celebrity Makeup Artists Tell Us How To Get Cheekbones That Pop


Proud of your razor-sharp wit and want your cheekbones to match? We got you. But a work of art (in this case, them poppin’ cheekbones!) takes time and effort, so we asked three celebrity makeup artists to let us in on the key tools, products and techniques they use to achieve cheekbones so sharp, you can cut glass on them! Read on to see what they have to say…


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Bianca’s Method: Duality For Long Stay

Bianca Louzado, celebrity makeup and hair designer and founder, CODE Beauty, says that “the right highlighter brush, the right consistency of highlighter, the right skin prep” are key to achieving gorgeous cheekbones. She likes to use the highlighter brush from her brand CODE Beauty’s Wabi Sabi series of dual-ended makeup brushes, which are handcrafted in Japan.

Bianca works on the faces of celebs such as Sania Mirza, Dia Mirza, Waluscha De Sousa, and multiple pageant queens, among many others. She shows us two ways of getting that snatched jawline and popping cheekbones – be it a dewy look or a matte one. For cheekbones that pop on that glass skin, she suggests a dewy foundation base, then cream blush followed by powder to set the T-zone only and then cream highlighter to glide on the cheekbones. For a demi-matte base, go in with a powder blush and powder to set the foundation and powder-based highlighter.

Bianca also lets us in on her makeup secret to getting gorgeous cheekbones, “I call this duality – meaning, I first use a cream blush and then set it with powder blush for it to last longer. The same goes for highlighter – I always use a cream highlighter and then set it with powder highlighter for it to last longer and ensure the highlight is constant and doesn’t die down.” 

Whose cheekbones does she think are sexiest? Bianca says she loved Beyoncé’s at Coachella, and also those of Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, Lupita Nyong’o, and Chrissy Teigen. She shares that Alia Bhatt loves a soft focus highlighter on her cheekbones.

Meghna’s Method: Sculpt & Lighten

Celebrity Makeup-artist Meghna Butani who works on some of the sexiest cheekbones in Bollywood such as Malaika Arora’s, says she focuses on three key products – a highlighter, a bronzer and a blush. She reveals her method for achieving gorgeous cheekbones. “First, you sculpt in the (hollow of the) cheekbones with the darkest colour, then you lighten the upper part of the cheekbone that needs to pop.” She recommends doing the cheekbones and contour lines just after your foundation with a bronzer stick. “Always use a creamy stick so it lasts longer, and then set it with a powder for longevity.” 

So, use contour to shade the face and highlighter to lift and pop the brow bones, temples, the tip of the nose, and cheekbones. She adds, “Some skin types absorb a lot of blush and one has to reapply after an hour for it to pop. For some skin types, less is more and one has to work with a light hand.” 

Whose cheekbones does she think are sexiest? Meghna says she enjoys working on her all-time favourite ‘cheekbone pop’ queen, Malaika Arora. “I also love Chitrangda Singh’s cheekbone and jawline structure. Internationally, I love Victoria Beckham’s cheekbone structure and also Jennifer Aniston’s jawline.”

Avni’s Method: Focus On Skin Type, Tone And Shape

Avni Rambhia, Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist, shares that the first step is to pick a contour, blush and highlighter in tones and formulation (powder, cream or liquid) that suits your skin tone. “Contour, blush and highlighter can be used for all, but the placement of the product changes as per face shape and the medium changes as per skin type,” she shares. 

The tools and steps she follows and recommends are a brush or sponge to apply and blend the products for a seamless look. “Start with contouring, place it under the cheekbones and blend it towards your mid-ear. Use a slightly cooler tone contour colour. Add highlighter on top of the cheekbones, and avoid glittery highlighter at all costs. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks or outwards, depending on your face shape.” She likes to apply contour, highlighter and blush with a sponge, as it gives the most natural look, she says. 

Whose cheekbones does she think are sexiest? I love working with Samantha Ruth Prabhu, to make her gorgeous cheekbones pop. I have always loved the prominent cheekbones of Kareena Kapoor and Naomi Campbell. 


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