Aminu Is The Clean & Clinical Skincare Brand That Will Have Your Skin Thank You


While there is no shortage of beauty brands in the Indian market, there is however an immense need for more brands who operate using deep scientific knowledge and have a strong grasp about what they are offering. That’s where Aminu comes in. Crafted by skin nerds and cosmetologists, this pro grade clean skin care brand is making remarkable impact. With extensive hands-on experience and thorough knowledge they works on skin solutions that understand what your skin needs not only today but also what it will need in the future.


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Crafting The Perfect Fusion Of Expertise

Blending modern scientific insight with time-honoured wisdom is not just a choice but imperative for the brand. At Aminu, they leverage the founder’s eight years of experience as a cosmetologist, during which they gained a comprehensive understanding of skin dynamics.

And that journey in the field of cosmetology has provided invaluable insights into the diverse needs and concerns of individuals when it comes to skincare. This deep understanding serves as the foundation upon which they build each and  every product. By combining this wealth of traditional knowledge with a keen awareness of the latest scientific discoveries, the brand ensures that each product is formulated to address specific skincare needs effectively.

Furthermore, they are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in skincare. While constantly explore cutting-edge molecules and delivery techniques, and integrating them into the formulations to enhance efficacy and results. This dedication to innovation allows the brand to offer skincare solutions that are not only grounded in time-tested principles but also backed by the latest scientific.

Prioritising Evident Skin Health And Radiance


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What distinguishes Aminu from the hundreds of other skincare brands is its commitment to delivering visibly healthy skin. Its formulations strike a delicate balance between meticulously engineered lab-designed molecules and naturally sourced ingredients. The company harnesses over 200 meticulously selected ingredients from more than 40 countries, carefully crafted into 24 multi-active, multi-functional products. Their ethos is refreshingly straightforward – Aminu aims to assist users in achieving visibly radiant, healthy skin without unnecessary extravagance, simplifying skincare for all.

A Holistic Approach To Clean Formulation

The brand has consciously omitted 2800 ingredients from their products, which highlights their sincere dedication to prioritizing skin health and environmental sustainability, fostering a genuine sense of responsibility towards both consumers and the planet.

Empowering Through Education

Aminu transcends the conventional boundaries of product offerings, the brands impact extends beyond skincare solutions. As evidenced by their initiative to train over 1000 therapists in Aminu treatments throughout India. This strategic move not only enhances the brand’s visibility but also signifies a profound commitment to empowering professionals and consumers alike. This initiative not only elevates the standard of skincare treatments but also fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing and expertise within the industry. Aminu’s dedication to education and empowerment through this multifaceted approach, cultivates a community of empowered individuals who prioritize self-care and well-being.


Aminu represents more than just a skincare label. It symbolizes a quiet revolution embracing the synergy of science, nature, diversity, safety, and sustainability. With an expanding base of satisfied consumers, the brand emerges as a strong contender in the dynamic realm of skincare, ready to redefine industry standards and inspire positive change.

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