This Hyper-Personalised App Is The Only Astrology Guide You’ll Need

Say aye, if a family member has made a decision solely based on astrology. Yeah, same! Growing up in an Indian household, astrology wasn’t just something I vaguely read about in the back of a newspaper. It was and has been a part of my day to day, for almost as long as I can remember.

Whether it was my mother freaking out about the stars not being aligned on the day I started pre-school (which, I guess, explains why pre-school was a tough time for me) or the numerous family members who went to astrologers for every little thing – from health issues, to what they should eat for dinner – astrology has always been present. It’s not just me, though – it’s pretty much every household in India. And while I grew up with a general disdain towards astrology, as I’ve grown older, I’ve started enjoying it a lot more than I’d like to admit. And can you blame me? I am a Scorpio moon, after all. If you’re big on astrology as well, chances are, you’ve heard of the Co-Star app.

Banu Guler’s brainchild, the Co-Star app is a hyper-personalised social experience that has finally brought astrology to the 21st century. Instead of picturing a red-clad, jewellery adorned medium, picture this guide as an experience, that is interesting, engaging, and most of all – cool. Providing you with real-time insights based on planetary movement, the app uses NASA data to know exactly where the stars are, and proprietary technology to generate super-accurate horoscopes. Take that, non-believers.

Built in a millennial-friendly way, the app’s design is slick, hipster-y and minimal. And as for the horoscopes themselves? With an in-depth analysis of your birth chart and explanations of every single planetary position, the app is like astrology for dummies – in the best way possible. After all, it democratises the process of knowing how your birth-chart impacts you and makes Astro accessible to all. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to know what it means to have my Venus in Gemini in the fourth house. Also, since it allows you to check out your friends’ charts as well, the next time a date is acting off, you’ll know what to blame it on.


And that’s not even talking about Co–Star’s notorious push notifications. The app offers witty, sometimes savage daily insights, that are the real winners here. For instance, today’s insight for me is – try not to kill any brain cells today. (It’s too late for that, though – I have been watching KUWTK reruns all morning.) And if you’re still not sold? The app offers insights on the areas you have power in – say, social life – and the areas you have pressure in – say, routine. So the next time your boss asks you why you’re late for work, you can always say you had pressure in your work. Thank us later.


PS: You can get the Co-Star app here if you haven’t already.

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