Colour Theory: Find Out What Colour You Wear Says About You


Even if your closet is loaded with colours, there is that one shade that you’ll pick over the others – it is the very colour that mirrors your character. In addition, the colours in garments can also influence your emotions. Fashion is all about self-expression. Like certain outfits such as suits exhibit power, colour also does the same thing. It sends feedback to our brains. Wearing neutral colours makes us feel safe, while brighter, bolder colours make us feel more extroverted, alive and engaged with the world. The science behind the relationship between colour and mood is extensive. Find out some of the traits and qualities commonly associated with colours.

1. Black

Black exudes power and is suitable for many situations that demand you to make a statement. However, wearing too much black adds a mysterious aura to your personality. Just like Rihanna, if you like to command a room while also maintaining a certain level of ambiguity – this is the colour for you.

2. Red

Red is for those who like to appear in all shades of bold. The scarlet hue isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re an extrovert who is all about wearing your heart on your sleeves, you’re team red.

3. Brown 

Brown emotes stability and strength. Recently, neutral tones are back in trends and the Kardashian Families are responsible for bringing them back under the limelight. If you’re a minimalist, who likes  being understated yet chic, any shade of brown will do the trick for you.

4. Yellow

Yellow sparks optimism – opt for this colour when you’re looking for inspiration in your own closet. The sunshine hue can instantly uplift your mood and brighten up your day. If you’re someone who likes a serotonin boost in the form of fashion, find some in the yellow spectrum of the colour wheel.

5. Orange 

Orange shows that you are enthusiastic, ambitious, and creative, it’s a colour that will help you stand out from the crowd. Pro tip: if you want your travel photos to pop on Instagram, dip into the tangerine family and win them double taps.

6. White

White stands for serenity and strength, it tells the world, “I’m taking a fresh look at things. I’m ready for anything.” Put on your pristine whites if you want to look at the world with a whole new perspective.

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