7 Cooling Handmade Soap Bars You Need To Beat The Heat

While bathing soaps have existed for far too long on our bathroom shelves, their popularity took a dip when shower oils and gels made way to our bathing routine. Moreover, getting dry skin after using soap is a real issue. As a result, soaps have been mostly replaced by other bathing products that are soothing, gentle, and come with skin-loving benefits. Showering with these will give you a luxurious experience compared to a regular soap bar.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that soap bars areย environmentally friendlyย as compared to other products. Comparatively, soap bars are less wasteful; they do not add an amount of plastic waste to the landfill as much as the other products do. Needless to say, soap bars are back in demand with its upgraded formula and look. So forget your boring old soap bar because the latest versions come in different shapes and sizes. We did our research and came up with a list of handmade soap bars that come with cooling ingredients and make for a must-try this season.

Handmade Cooling Soap Bars

1. Nat Habit Sacred Neem Basil Soap

Made out of pure cold-pressed oils, cocoa butter, shea butter and leaves, Sacred Neem Basil soap mildly cleanses the body, keeping skin’s natural oils intact. Neem’s cooling properties calm the skin, keeping any redness or rashes at bay. It also helps get rid of bacteria and germs that cause irritation.

2. Qurez Lavender And Keratin Shampoo Bar


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Say goodbye to chemical-filled shampoos that dry out the hair. This no-lather shampoo bar is a gentle cleanser with cooling and calming properties of lavender. Qurez Lavender and Vegan Keratin shampoo bars are created with natural ingredients. The keratin keeps the mane shiny and works well on chemically-treated hair as well as damaged hair.

3. Soap Chemistry Tulsi & Lemongrass Bar

The heat cannot be avoided, but keep it cool with Soap Chemistry’s Tulsi & Lemongrass soap. The base is formulated with goat milk, lemongrass oil and powder, tulsi powder, and aloe vera base. The combination of these ingredients provide cooling effects to the skin while deep cleansing it. The soap bar also aids with issues like anti-ageing, blackheads and dull skin.

4. Bubbles Tulsi Turmeric Bar

Turmeric is anti-bacterial and combats acne while giving your skin a glow. The detoxifying properties will get rid of the dirt and grime on the skin while helping you heal faster. A lesser-known fact about turmeric is that it also has a cooling effect on the body. If you are too lazy to whip up a turmeric face pack, what’s better than getting its benefits in a soap bar?

5. Vaanya Soap Mint Kaapi Bar


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This Mint Kaapi Bar smells of fresh peppermint candy with the goodness of vanilla and a hint of coffee. It is a soap with ingredients explicitly designed to combat heat and odour. It makes for a perfect fit in the summer routine.

6. Soulflower Cool Aloe Vera Soap

After showering, itchy, dry skin is the last thing you want. Soulflower’s Cool Aloe Vera soap, as the name suggests, is made with aloe vera that treats sunburns, soothes the skin and moisturises it. The all-natural and vegan brand encourages ethical sourcing for its products.

7. Eco-Nation Cucumber Soap

Cucumber relieves inflammation and puffiness while its high water content hydrates the skin and locks in moisture. Eco-nation’s Organic Cucumber Soap will make the skin feel energised and refreshed after every shower. So now you know what product you need for those relaxing showers after a long day at work.

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