Coquettecore Beauty Is About Embracing Your Feminine Side And It’s Perfect For The Season


While many believe that micro-trends and aesthetics in beauty are restrictive and confine one to a box, I think that these trends allow you to explore your creativity and makeup skills. Coquettecore is the latest makeup micro-trend that brings us back to the famed Tumblr era of sultry Lana Del Rey music, feminine aesthetics and a certain playfulness. When barbie-core took off last year, it kind of opened the doors to individuals embracing all aspects of their feminine identity. Coquettecore rides the same wave but with (more) grace.

The trend lets you embrace your femininity unabashedly, something we might shy away from thanks to conditioning, and the overarching theme of internalised misogyny. The literal meaning of coquette is ‘a flirtatious woman’ and thus, the trend leans into lacey dresses, shades of pink and of course Lana Del Rey playing in the background. A blend between seduction and elegance, coquettecore is characterised by a radiant complexion, siren eyes and fluttery lashes, a dramatic blush and slightly overlined lips with a highlighter. Keeping the essence of femininity in mind—soft, pearly finishes go seamlessly with this aesthetic.

Looking to recreate this for yourself? These steps can help you hop on the coquettecore bandwagon with ease.

Radiant Complexion


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As always, the key to perfecting your base begins with skin prep. Since we’re venturing into a glowy territory, opt for an illuminating primer. You may choose the Smashbox Photo Finish Illuminate Glow Face Primer with vitamin C which offers an instant brightening effect while smoothening out the texture. For the foundation, a soft hazy effect is what we’re going for, so a foundation that offers sheer coverage and settles like a second skin is what you need. Our recommendation is Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection foundation, however, you can go with your usual sheer coverage product. Instead of using a tool for application, use your fingers to apply the foundation and say hello to a dreamy satin finish.

Shimmering Eyes


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If glitter eye makeup is too bold for your liking and personality, but you do want to clamber on to this core, go for subtle shimmer. Choose an eyeshadow with soothing shimmer shades and dab a little on the lids. While nudes and neutrals are suitable for this trend, white and shades of pink are what you should to match the aesthetic. Henaa Hainaa Beauty’s newest Maquillage Creme in Rose Dust is a cream-based shimmer with specks of pink, silver and gold all in one— dab this on your eyelids in gentle strokes to ensure the shimmer is even.

Siren Eyeliner

While siren eyes took over the Internet last year, they’ve made a slow comeback with coquettecore. Bringing some seductive energy to this aesthetic, siren eyes balance it all out. Giving your classic winged eyeliner a sexy twist, siren eyes involve elongating the wing, making your eyes appear longer. Use kohl as opposed to eyeliner for this look. The Ruby’s Organics Smoked Kohl is can be used to achieve the effect. Begin by applying the kohl on the outer corner of your eyes and extend it to a long wing. Use a sharp, angled brush to define the wing and then smudge it to achieve a softer effect.

Dreamy Eyelashes


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Fluttery lashes bring flirtatious energy to any makeup look, so it’s only natural that coquettecore calls for some dreamy eyelashes. If faux eyelashes aren’t for you, just like me, go in for a mascara cocktail by mixing both volumising and lengthening variants. Start from the centre of the lashes to bring out the doe-eyed look. Use a lengthening mascara to elongate the lashes in the extreme corners of the eyes. Legit Lashes from HUDA Beauty features both of the wands making the application fuss-free.

Dramatic Blush


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Blush is always going to be at the centre of each and every micro-trend and coquettecore is no different. However, this trend needs a dramatic application. Think blush on the cheeks extended to the temples and a bit on the nose. Liquid blushes are the best bet since they blend seamlessly and allow for control over the areas you want to emphasise. Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk Pink Pop delivers a lightweight yet pigmented formula, an ideal pick for to ace the trend.

Pearly Highlighter


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If something goes hand-in-hand with coquettecore it has to be angelic pearly tones. This Tumblresque look is incomplete without the addition of a creamy or liquid highlighter gracing the high points of the face. Instead of the usual gold tones, opt for pearly and icy-toned highlighters. The ICONIC London Illuminator Shine in Pink Pearl adds just the right hint of pearlescent glow.

Glossy Lips


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What’s an ultra-feminine aesthetic without some good ol’ lip gloss? Before going in with a gloss, coat the lips with a sheer pink lip stain. Top it off with a shiny gloss like Maybelline New York’s Lifter Gloss for the perfect pout.

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