The Best Crystals For Self Love, To Attract New Love And Heal Heartbreak

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A difficult feeling to put into words, love, is not something you find, it’s something you become. At the end of the day, we’re all just walking each other home. To assist you in navigating this path, healing crystals can help balance, heal and unblock energy centres within you to tap into your true potential. After all, you attract what you are. Since we’re celebrating love this month, we got in touch with crystal expert and founder of Arura Crystals, Aarti Kalro to answer some of our questions:

What Are The Best Crystals For Self Love?

Aarti Kalro: We attract healthy relationships when we have a healthy balanced relationship with ourselves first! Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love as it encourages self-love and care, compassion and forgiveness. Kunzite helps to heal any childhood issues. It’s a gentle stone that helps to balance our emotions. I would also recommend green stones like Amazonite to nurture your confidence and enhance communication. Pink and Green stones are both essential for the heart chakra.


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What Crystals Can Be Used To Attract New Love?

Aarti Kalro: The best stones for attracting new love would be Rose Quartz which promotes compassion, Garnet or Ruby which invite passion, Green Aventurine which is a stone of opportunity and growth and Citrine to attract positivity and help you manifest a relationship. Used in combination, these stones can help balance your energies to attract the right partner. Moonstone is also known as the stone of commitment and partnership as it balances the emotions, encourages connection and brings a balanced approach to partnerships.

Crystals That Can Help To Heal Heartbreak?

Aarti Kalro: We’ve all been through a broken heart, and the best stones for this are:

1. Chrysocolla can help you move through the grief and find your joy again.

2. Citrine brings back your confidence and positivity.

3. Rose Quartz promotes self-care and helps you forgive and find compassion within the situation.

4. Lepidolite calms anxiety, or depression and brings joy and new perspectives again.


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What Are The Different Ways To Use These Crystals?

Aarti Kalro: They can be used in a multitude of ways from being worn on the body as jewellery, or placed around the home either in the bedroom or areas where the family gathers. Tumbles (small pebble-shaped stones ) can be placed in a bowl in the room according to Vastu or feng shui. When used in meditation, they can be held to receive healing and tap into your own wisdom and awaken your energy centres to restore them to a balanced state. Crystals are not an alternative for medical treatment or mental health. They are one part of healing and can help to shift things on an energetic level. The human being is a combination of mind, body and soul, and crystals help to address the energetic aspect of life.


What Is The Significance Of The Heart Chakra When It Comes To Love?

Aarti Kalro: The heart chakra is the centre of our energetic system. It is the doorway to love, and it has its own intelligence and memories. When balanced, we can give and receive love equally, and process our emotions and experiences through the heart. It allows for forgiveness, understanding and happiness through our relationships. At its perfect state, it acknowledges the oneness of all living beings, accepts all people without judgment and fills our life with joy.

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