10 Insta-Famous Dogs That Will Fill Your Heart With Joy And Feed With Cuteness

Insta-famous dogs

Dogs are simply the best. They make our lives whole, love us unconditionally, are super loyal and will never betray us. And besides being the cutest animals, they’re super entertaining. Name one person who doesn’t go down the rabbit hole of watching doggo videos on the ‘gram. At this point, multiple pets on Instagram have been elevated to celebrity and influencer status. We love following these doggos who make us laugh with their weird quirks and melt our hearts with their overdose of cuteness. Scrolling through their Instagram accounts is actually quite therapeutic.

10 Insta-famous dogs

1. Doug The Pug

You gotta know the celebrity pet Doug The Pug. He’s famous enough to warrant celebrities wanting to get a photo with him. After all, he is the proud winner of two People Choice Awards. Besides, the Insta-famous pet is a serial chiller. From going on luxurious vacations to having a new OOTD every day, Doug’s living the life we all aspire to have.


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2. Tucker The Golden Retriever

Never have I ever seen a happier dog. Tucker always looks like he has the biggest smile on his face and his energetic persona is infectious. He now has a son named Todd and together the two petfluencers serve dollops of entertaining content that we can watch on loop.

3. Millie & Rupert

Brace yourself for cuteness overload. It’s Millie’s protective nature and affection towards her owner’s kids Daisy and Parker that has us hooked on this Instagram page. Don’t be surprised if you shed some tears out of sheer adorable content!


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4. Samson The Goldendoodle

No one personifies #WeekendMood better than Samson. We love his pics of him chilling in a white robe with a hot cuppa and some comforting food in bed.

5. Boobie Billie

Looking for high fashion inspiration for your pooch? Turn to Boobie Billie. From posing in the Gucci knits to Valentino pinks, Boobie is on top of all the latest couture trends. But apart from the aesthetically-pleasing photos, you’ll also love Boobie’s constant self-care reminders.


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A post shared by Boobie (@boobie_billie)

6. Honeydew The Dachshund

If there’s any dog that deserves an award for looking the cutest when asleep, it’s Honeydew. The super tiny dachshund will get your heart to melt with her videos and those beautiful grey and blue eyes.

7. Maxine The Fluffy Corgi

Corgis have the cutest butts–there, I said it! And Maxine’s hips certainly don’t lie. From his walking style to the way he wags his small tail, everything about this corgi screams adorable! We’ve never met him but from what we see on Instagram, he is super friendly and loves to travel in his owner’s backpack.

8. Maya Polar Bear

The snow-white Samoyed is no different from a polar bear, except she is fluffier and probably the most huggable doggo on the ‘gram! She’s like a cute marshmallow that you’ll want to squish. And every photo and video of Maya will bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day.

9. Dolly Pawton

If there’s anyone out there who’s giving serious competition to travel bloggers, it’s Dolly Pawton. I mean, have you seen her Instagram? She’s living that luxe life in a different city every day.


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A post shared by Dolly Pawton (@dolly_pawton)

10. Bichon Haru

This little doggo reminds us of a ball of cloud. Just like Tucker, Haru also looks forever jolly and loves to play dress-up. And he has also developed a signature pose in front of the camera, which is, a smile with his tongue out. Don’t you want to just grab this little teddy bear and carry him around everywhere?

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