Designer Jayanti Reddy On Celebrating 10 Years Of Her Eponymous Label

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After acquiring a business degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2012, Jayanti Reddy decided to pursue her interest in fashion. A decade ago, she launched a design house that was rooted in Indian handicrafts – but with modern sensibilities. Today, as she celebrates 10 years in the industry, the designer pays homage to her journey by collaborating with Wedding Designer Devika Narain. Together, the duo has created 6 installations in her recently opened store that celebrate Jayanti’s culturally-rich body of work. From paying tributes to the Indian craftsmanship and treasured heirlooms to giving a nod to the redefined Nizami and Benarasi weaving traditions – it encapsulates it all. In an exclusive conversation with ELLE, Jayanti shares her insight on the past, present and future.
Jayanti Reddy
ELLE: How does it feel to complete 10 years in the industry?
Jayanti Reddy: Ten years have been absolutely phenomenal not just for my creative growth and also for the trajectory of my design house. It’s been a decade-long spell of a lot of learning and unlearning where I’ve created my niche and a fashion audience who was itching to discover a unique product embraced my designs. From creating an Indian modern brand to putting it on the map to evolving it – it’s been a creatively satisfying voyage.
ELLE: Take us through the journey of your brand 
JR: Right from starting my atelier in my hometown to collaborating with the weavers in Banaras to retailing in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi – it’s been a process of fine-tuning my design and also understanding the market realities. And I’m proud of the fact that today it’s a household name and synonymous with a certain elegance, distinctive craftsmanship, and restrained opulence.
Jayanti Reddy
ELLE: What is the inspiration behind the six installations on display
JR: These fashion-meets-art installations offer a homage to the two iconic cities which shape up my aesthetic- Hyderabad and Banaras. Moreover, there is a celebration of my signature hue purple and also a tribute to the beating heart of my atelier – my artisans. The whole idea was to capture the dexterous spirit of my craftsmen and also put the spotlight on the effort which goes into each heirloom piece.
Jayanti Reddy
ELLE: Tell us more about your collaboration with Devika Narain
JR: Devika and I have been admirers of each other’s work and she’s been familiar with my design process and overall aesthetic so it was a joy to collaborate with her. The whole process was seamless and organic and I’m proud of what we pulled off after months of brainstorming and discussions.
ELLE: What is your vision for your brand going forward?
JR: We are keen to make global inroads as I see a potential NRI bride keen to embrace my designs. We’ve been getting a lot of requests from the NRI market and it’s time for Jayanti Reddy Label to globally expand. Also, a menswear line is in the pipeline and I’m thrilled about that as bespoke sartorial tailoring is one area that excites me.
Image via: Jayanti Reddy 

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