DNA Of Indian Fashion: Ritika Mirchandani


Keeping up with the ever-evolving fashion world, Ritika Mirchandani offers her own perspective on modern minimalism while preserving the elegance and intricacy of ethnic wear. Established in 2010, the label is celebrated for its signature Bugel work embroidery while retaining a modern touch on the Indian world of design. We caught up with the designer to learn more about what drives her through this insightful journey.

ELLE: What has influenced your creativity throughout the years?

Ritika Mirchandani (RM): I have been creatively inspired by my travels, the people I have met, my team, different cultures, art forms and most importantly, my mother, who was a designer for many years. Watching her through the years made me certain of my career choice. After finishing my education at the Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to intern under Cynthia Rowley and Ralph Lauren, which has had a significant impact on my journey as a designer. Working with such well-known fashion businesses has expanded my perspective and challenged me to think beyond the box, influencing my creative vision.

ELLE: How do you strike a balance between being distinctive and being marketable?

RM: Finding the balance between distinctiveness and marketability is a creative act that often requires experimentation and adaptation. At Ritika Mirchandani, we try to push boundaries and articulate our design aesthetic, target audience, and the overall brand vision. This helps guide our creative decisions while keeping marketability in mind. At a personal level, I am continuously drawing inspiration from various sources like art movements and nature and infusing it into the brand’s aesthetics.

ELLE: Tell us about your new flagship store and the process of restoring the space.

RM: Our flagship store draws inspiration from the elegant Art Deco style, as well as the timeless charm of ancient Rome. It showcases a fusion of architectural elements, prominently featuring inspirational arches that capture the eye and create a sense of grandeur, and delivers a cohesive brand experience.

ELLE: What makes your brand globally relevant? What can we expect from the Ritika Mirchandani label in the coming years?

RM: At Ritika Mirchandani, we seamlessly blend traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design, to create a distinctive brand identity. Our focus towards skilled craftsmanship, high-end luxury products and our eye for detail are crucial for building a strong brand reputation and attracting a global customer base.

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- Junior Fashion Writer

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